Chapter 23: I Feel Like We're All a Family

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"Get out."he said pushing me out the kitchen.

"Rude." I said and he rolled his eyes and went back into the kitchen.

When I walked over to the coach they all looked at me. "So they kicked you out too?"all the dads said grinning.

Derrick laughed. "I can cook but I rather lay back and relax."he said laying back in the soft chair.

I rolled my eyes at him while smiling. A bit while later food was on the table. I found out that they came early because they would have to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families later on today. But I felt like we we're all a big family in a way. It's family tradition to go around the table and say all the things your thankful for and then something you want to change or a goal you have.

"I am thankful for my boy and wife."dad said grinning making mom flush but smile. I grinned as well. "My goal is to get a job and change my habit with falling asleep on the couch."he said and all of us laughed.

"I am thankful for Sammie knowing how to cook unlike my husband and son."mom said rolling her eyes while smiling.

"Hey!"dad and I said and everyone laughed again except for us.

"I want to change my habit of cooking so you two can straighten up."mom said pointing at dad and I.

Straighten up huh?

"Well I'm thankful to be here."Derrick's mom said. "My goal is to make sure my husband and father don't argue this year."she said.

"Good luck with that."Derrick's dad said while drinking his drink. "I am thankful for my son and wife and her hard headed father."he said grinning as we laughed. "I want to change how I react to her dad's hard headedness."he said and Derrick's mom smiled.

"I am thankful for Sammie being okay." Sammie's mom said smiling at her son making Sammie look away embarrassed. "And Vincent."she said turning to me surprising me.

"Me?" I said.

She nodded. "Thanks to you Sammie has been more happy."she said smiling.

"Mom." Sammie groaned. "That is not true."he said.

"Oh but it is! You were so mad at me when you found out we we're moving."she said.

"Whatever." Sammie said looking away again.

"And my goal is to make sure it stays that way."she said smiling.

"I'm thankful for my two buds Vincent and Sammie." Derrick said smiling at us. Sammie and I smiled and looked at each other then at him. "My goal is to win the next game." Derrick said.

"Well I guess it's my turn." Sammie said sighing while smiling. "I'm thankful for...."he glanced at me and I smiled at him. He looked away quickly. "Vincent."he whispered.

We all leaned in closer to hear. "I'm thankful for Vincent."he said flustered.

We all smiled and laughed. He glared but then rolled his eyes and smiled. "My goal is um to win get a but better at football."he said embarrassed.

"Shouldn't your goal be to grow taller." I say and he glares at me.

"Never mind I'm thankful-"he began to say.

"No I'm sorry!" I said and he smirked.

"Well it's your turn."he said.

"Oh um I'm thankful...." I said looking around the table. "For all of you." I said. And everyone smiled. My goal is to tell you guys something important." I said and everyone stared at me. "Two of you already know this." I said. Sammie stared at me and Derrick gave me a thumbs up.

"Well what is it?"my mom asked smiling nervously.

"I'm gay." I said after exhaling.

"Oh."my mom said blinking her eyes.

"I knew it!"dad said standing up.

"Dad?" I said.

Then he grinned. "I still love you son no matter what."he said.

Everyone at the table laughed. "We all still care about you."they said except Sammie and Derrick.

"What about you two?" I asked.

"You said it yourself. We already knew." Derrick said shrugging.

"Meanie." I said and Derrick grinned.

"How about you?" I asked Sammie and he looked up at me and then looked down.

"Uh I of course care."he said.

"See Sammie answered for us." Derrick said and everyone laughed except Sammie.

Later on everyone left except mom,dad, and I of course. But then Sammie came into my room right when I checked my phone. I had a whole lot of missed calls from ugh Mason.

Why are you bothering me on a holiday? Leave me alone.   I texted and sent.

Then I realized Sammie was looking over my shoulder. His face was so close. I jumped back with my face hot. He scared me.... And next thing I know my phone is out of my hand. Sammie was calling him unbelievable. He put it on speaker.

"Uh hello?" Mason said.

"Stop calling him!" Sammie yelled.

"Sammie give me my phone back?!" I yelled trying to sound angry.

"Mason if you call or text him one more time-" Sammie starts to say but I grab my phone back grinning.

Sammie worries too much. "Good bye." I say about to hang up but Sammie takes the phone.

"Happy Fucking Thanksgiving!" Sammie yells and I hang up.

I stare at Sammie then I bust out laughing. And Sammie grinned. "Is that a thing your gonna do every holiday?" I ask laughing.

"Heck yeah!"he said. "Happy Fucking Thanksgiving!"he said and hugged me.

I grinned and he pulled back. His face was lightly flushed. "Happy Thanksgiving." I said smiling.

"Uh huh, see you later."he said grinning then he left.

Later that day the rest of our family came. It was good to see them again. Today was actually pretty good.

Lalalalalala alrighty now done with Thanksgiving. Luv you guys bye my little potatoes

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