She seems angry

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Barry's POV :

I bought the restaurant where she works and the bar where she drinks, to be close to her.

I know she is angry that I bought the restaurant and on the top of that I made her my personal cook and waitress. But, I want her to be near me and this was the only way.

I asked her friends, Emma and Lily about her past life. They first hesitated to tell me anything but when I told them that I have to know this so that I can understand her more and get involved in her life, they told me about her past.

They told me that, she is the daughter of a big businessman and a year ago she met a guy who was a waiter and she fell in love with him but her father came to know about this six months ago and he disapproved of him. So, she left her home and everything for him and called him to tell him that she left everything and will live with him but when she went to him, he was not there and his phone was swtiched off. She couldn't find him and then one of his friend told her that he moved here and so she came here in search of him and searched for six months. But, suddenly two days ago she said that she wants to move on.

I saved her two days ago. What happened that day? I have to know that. But, how can I make her tell me? She is stubborn and her anger level is always high and on top of that she hates me. This is really going to be tough!

After the restaurant closed she came to the bar, I followed her there. I took my usual corner table.

Ring..... Ring....
My phone rang, it's mom!
She must be worried about me. I met a girl who looks exactly like Rosy, after knowing this mom have been more worried about me. I have to take her call.

I looked at Jane, she is sitting at her table. I will just come back in a couple of minutes. I went out to talk to mom.

"Yes, mom."I said.
"Where are you? Are you ok?"she asked concerned.
"Yes, mom. I am fine. I am near Jane trying to know more about her."I told her.
"Barry, please be fine. I don't want you to get hurt like last time."she said worried.
"Mom, I am really ok. And I really have to know her. Please, don't worry about me."I said trying to convince her.
"Ok Barry. Take care. Love you."she said.
"Love you too, mom."I said hanging up the call.

I know she is worried. I hate to make her worry about me. But I have to know about her and slove her problem otherwise I won't get rid of my guilt.

I sighed and went inside. She is not at her table. Where did she go? She didn't come out so, she must be inside. Maybe she went to the restroom. I will wait at my table.

I went to my table and my mouth fell open. I was shocked to see her sitting there.

"Hey, Barry! What a surprise?"she said.
I composed myself and replied, "Hi, Jane! What are you doing here?" I tried to look surprised.

"You really don't know that I was here? I thought being the owner, sorry, new owner of this bar you will be knowing this."she said sarcastically.

So, she found out about this too. What should I do? What should I say now? How much does she know? Did she know I changed her drink everyday and also took her home after she passed out?
She looks so angry.

I sat down on the chair opposite to hers.

"I'm the new owner of this bar. So, I came here to see how it is doing. And this is the first time I came here."I said stretching the word today.
Is she buying this? I'm really nervous for the first time in my life!

"Really? So, who is that guy who changed my orders and also took me home? I really wanted to thank him for that."she said looking disappointed.

Why is she disappointed? More importantly she knows that too! Now, what is she going to do? She is so angry.

"I don't know."I lied straight away.

"Enough of lying already! Why are you doing this??"she shouted.

Everyone started looking at us and when she saw this she tried to calm herself down.

"What do you mean?"I said trying to look confused.
"You bought the restaurant where I work. You bought the bar where I drink. You are always near me. Why? What do you want? What will you do next? Buy the house where I live?"she hissed angrily.

I sighed. I will just ask her straight away.

"What happened that day? Why did you try to end your life? And who is the guy who left you?"I asked her.

This raised her anger level to extreme. I can see the anger in her eyes. She took a deep breath and said,"You don't need to know and I don't have to answer any of your questions."

Then she got up from her seat and stormed out angrily.

I made her more angry. I sighed and got up from my seat and followed her.

She went to her house and opened the door. She went inside and I can see how angry she is. After some time she switched off the lights and went to sleep.
I was watching her whole time from the window.

She said, will I buy the house where she lives?
Should I?

I took out my cell phone and dilled a number.

Will he buy her house too or become her new neighbour? How will she react if he does this?
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