Chapter 3

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I was in the hallways. Approaching the main entrance or exit. Then I forgot something. My laptop! I smacked my head and turned around and walked back to my dorm room. I wasn't really ready to go in. Because you know stuff may start getting hot in there. But anyways I still didnt stop. I still perused going there. When I got there I knocked first and then entered. I was shocked not to see them there. Well anyways that was better. I don't want my dorm room getting rather messy. So I approached my desk and got my phone, Ipad and laptop. And then left.

I went to the deserted parking lot of my school and looked for my car. I unlocked my car and placed my stuff at the passengers seat. I started my car and then got going. I drove for quite some time and when I finally got there the parking space was almost full good thing I found 1 empty space. Then I parked. I turned the enginge off and took my stuff and enetered starbucks. As always I would order caramel with caffeine. Then I took a seat. I placed my stuff on the desk and then connected to the wifi connection. The internet was rather fast but not much. Hmmm. Who should I call to come over?

I checked my phone contacts.

Erin? No

Celine? No

Liea? No

Prudence? Oh yeah prudence. I clicked call. The picked up on the 3 ring. "Hey Prude. I was wondering if you could come over to startbuck?" I said and she yawned. "Ok." She said coolly. "See you -" I said but she interrupted me."Could I bring Mali along?" She said referring to her pet dog. "Yeah sure. I love dogs!" I exclaimed. That was not a complete lie I really loved dogs but their fur makes me itch. "Goodie! See you there!" She exclaimed cheerfully. "See you." I said then hung up.


"Hey." I said as she took a seat on a chair opposite to me. "Hey." She said coolly. "Have you ordered a drink or something yet?" I asked and she shooked her head. "Come with me lets order. Its my treat" I said. Her eyes brightened up. "Yes! Oh by the way here's Mali. Say hi Mali" she said bring out her dog which is a shitzu out of her bag. The dog looked really cute. It had a ponytail on its head and its tongue sticking out. It was as if it was the very defenition of cute. Then it barked. Poeple started looking at us but Prude and I didn't seem to care.

Bruh. Why should we care. They ain't no jury to judge us. So beat it.

So we stood up from our seats and leftt Mali to guard our stuff. When Prude said sit it really did.

When we reached the counter a young woman with braces was standing in front of us with a huge smile plastered on her face. "Yes ma'am may I take your order please?" She said cheerfully. "Oh yes I would like peppermint" Prude said in reply. The lady opened her mouth to speak but Prudence interrupted her. "Oh yeah thats a Grande" prude said. After that we went back to our seats.

"Prude, what do you think about francis?" I asked her. She seemed to didnt notice since she was too caught up at petting her puppy. I cleared my throat abruptly. "Sorry. What were you saying?" She said smiling sheepishly at me. "Nevermind" I said. Then she shrugged.


I return to the dorm and found a note on my bed. It said...

Meet me at mcdonals

I pinched myself to know if all this is real. Woah shit is actually about to get real. I jumped up and down and looked for the perfect outfit. I took out some jeans, a sweater and my sneakers and slipped into them. Brushed my hair millions of times to make me look nice. I applied alittle mascara, but not too much because it might be obvious. I brushed my teeth properly to make sure I don't smell bad. And I applied deodorant.

I stepped in fornt of the mirror and said "ooh you look nice." To myself and shooted myself with my fingers. Yep,I'm damn crazy.

I was supposed to exit my dorm when someone swung the door open. Haru? "I need your help Marie-san" he said. "why do you need my held haru-kun?" I said confused. "Its ... Uh... Um" he said blushing. I scratched my head at this, what would he need help about. "Spit it haru-kun" I said punshing his arm. He looked away "nevermind I think you're going somewhere." He said looking at me head to toe. He seemed pretty sad. I placed a hand on his shoulder "what is it haru-kun?" I said looking at him in the eye with concern although he doesn't make eye contact with me.

"I ... N-need to impress this girl." He pauses. "Then?" I said pushing him to go on. He looks me in the eyes intensely. "C-can you help me look good for her? Please?" He said his hands in a praying position and cute puppy eyes. "Fine." I said crossing my arms. He jumped in joy saying yes yes yes in victory. "But... I have to know who the girl is" I said "I can't tell you" he said looking aways from me blushing. "Fine.I just have to get going, I'm meeting up with someone." I said abruptly. "Ok marie-san. Thanks for your time." He said bowing.

When I was about to exit the door I was stopped by his hand. He held my wirst gently. I faced him and saw him smiling. "Oh yeah. Mind if I treat you to dinner later 7:30 pm?" He said smiling sheepishly at me. I grinned at this. He was so cute. "Ok then mr haru." I said smiling at him. Then he let go of my hand. "Meet you at vikings then." He said before I could walk out the door. I didnt make an attempt to reply though.

Vikings I think he's really rich to treat me there. What could his parents work be? They could own a family business or something. I continue walking untill I was in the parking lot.

I drove to the closest mcdonals fast food chain around. I parked beside a black car. But its not an ordinary black car but a matte black car. I stared at the car for a good few seconds. I wish I had enough time to have my car painted black and have it made matte. How much could the owner have paid to have his car made matte? Its very rare that shops offer a matte coating. What shop did the owner of this bring his car to? If i had a car like this, I would always be in the center of attention.

But suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts because of a crying kid. He seemed to be hurt. So then I approached him. I knelt down "Why are you crying? What happened?" I asked. "I got a boo boo and I cant find my brother. I remember him being inside mcdonalds." The young boy said. I took time to look at his feature. He had jet black hair, he was wearing a thick leather coat and dirty white pants. He had lacking teeth but nice long eyelashes. Oh dear lord I would kill for these eyelashes. "How old are you little boy?" I said trying to be as gentle as I can. "Im 6 years old" he said sweetly. "Aww!" He cried. I pulled a part of his pants up and saw a fresh bleeding wound. "Where did you get this wound little boy?" I said with much concern. "I tripped" he said innocently.

I carried him and placed him at the side of the mcdonalds building. "Wait right here. Im going to get some bandages." I said to him and he nodded. I walked as fast as I can to the car and got out some bandages for the back seat. Good I had some. I ran back to the kid and knelt down. "This may hurt." I said he nods. I took out my hanky and put alittle water and placed it over his wound. He was a brave little kid. He didnt say anything not twitched even though the water stings. I then took of the hanky and rapped it with a bandage. "There you go. It wasnt that bad was it um.." I said waiting for him to reply. "Its jake" he said sweetly. "Thank you miss" he said with a smile.

"But please help me look for my brother" he said pleadingly. "I promise you. I will help you." I said to him. I stick out my pinky in attempt to do a pinky promise handshake with him. He responded by rapping his pinky around mine. Then we both smile. "Lets find your brother jake." I said looking him in the eye.

I held his hand as we enter the fast food chain. "Do you see your brother?" I asked him. "No. Well not yet at least" he said sweetly to me. We made a left turn and more tabled were waiting for us. Jake turned and turned untill I found him jumping." He's over there" he said pointing at a man. A man I recognize. He started pulling me towards that man. "Come on lets go." He said.

Jake's brother was...


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