5.8. She is Bewitching Me

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And an update..... I know am great :) ;)

Chapter 5.8

Hussain's POV

"Not fair han! Haya bhabi should have come" I repeated in demise and Shehry's smile faded as he once again glared at me. 

I so love teasing him man! buhat kerta tha na Tehreem Tehreem. Saley tu bach ub mujh se....

"Saley! Tujhey sakoon nai. Kia bhabi bhabi laga rakha hea? And am glad she didn't come" he scolded me showing me a punch and I chuckled backing off.

"but terey saas suser pasand aaye mujhey. They seemed nice people" I added with a wink and before he could actually punch me I ran off.

"Tehr ja tu! Pakistan chal beta teri ye batteesi na na ander gai to mein nam bhi Shehryar Asif nai" he threatened me and I stick my tongue out at him.

"Am not going to Pakistn mein ne to bahana bhi soch liya hea meri jan!" I told him secretively and he raised his eyebrow.

"but am not gonna tell you coz I know you have changed parties in Tehreem's case so I cant take risks dude!" I raised my palms up and he rolled his eyes.

"phir tu kanwaara he raeen sari umer. Laanat hea teri boothi te" he showed me his palm and I laughed at his expressions.

Shehry's POV

A month later....

"Your coffee please!" she smiled cutely as she extended me my espresso and I took it from her mirroring her sweet gesture. "Thanks"

I just stepped out of the queue and turned to leave when I saw a girl almost running into my direction, she looked tattered, her expressions tensed, her head was every now and then turning back as if she was confirming something or as if somebody was following her. She stopped right in front of me and looked up at my face, her hair were the curliest curls a few coming on her face.

I frowned at her, she was blocking my way I couldn't even move an inch. She turned her head and looked towards the glass door, her expressions still perplexed, worried... there were hues and tints scattered on her fair face.

"Umm excuse...

And my eyes narrowed and then widened as she suddenly started laughing. "Oh my God! Such a long time. How are you?" she asked at once becoming too frank and I was like....what? do I know you even?

Her head once again turned and my gaze followed hers, the café was filled with people I didn't know who was she looking at?

"You didn't even bother to write me back. How rude of you" she literally slapped my arm and I just stood there dumbfounded, in all that frankness I could sense her discomfort and tension.

"I guess you are mistaking me with some....

"No excuse okay" she cut me through at one pointing her index at me. "chalo ub coffee pilao as a penalty" she ordered in even franker tone.

"umm okay. with pleasure" I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the girl standing, watching all this.

"what'd you prefer?" I asked the strange girl who was fidgeting with her fingers, as she once again turned and looked at her back.

"Umm uh- tea" she stated and the girl nodded with a smile. I mentally chuckled at her tensed behavior, demanded coffee and ordered tea???

"is it a take away or dine in? she asked looking between both of us.

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