With one click my life totally changed - 2 (SPY school + 3 future agents that love me = HELP!!)

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Chapter 2

At the moment I clicked it open, a ton of windows appeared. I thought that a computer virus was attacking my laptop, but when the windows stopped appearing I could read what they said. There were a lot of documents and all of them were related to me.

I couldn't believe all this stuff, it was like a big journal about my whole life, all my grades from all my schools, my birth certificate, and EVERYTHING else about me was in here.

While I was getting close to the last window it started describing every aspect of every day of my life. It said at what time I had taken a shower, what I had for breakfast, but the strangest thing was when I got to the part where it said what I was doing right now, and then it started describing what I was going to do next. It said something about going downstairs to pick up an envelope which was at my kitchen table... but I had just been downstairs, and there wasn't any envelope at the table.

I got up from my seat and went downstairs. All this was starting to freak me out, but I told myself, what can you lose? Don't be scared, I was having a pep talk with myself, and by the time I reached the kitchen I could see a big white envelope at the table, I took it and it said:

To: Miss J. Stevens

And beside it was an emblem, (Hogwarts style) but it had written St. Peter School at the bottom.

"Oh! So that was the school's name" I start opening it and it had a single sheet of paper inside. It had written my schedule for tomorrow.

The classes that I was going to have were really weird, like different languages (Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese...) I mean, COME ON! why would I want to learn so many languages? I only need English. It's not like I'm going to be having a lot of conversation with other people, also there were classes of defense and martial arts. Don't get me wrong I love all this kind of stuff, but why would a school teach that?

It also had advanced science and math classes. I am going to love those ones too. I remember that when I was a little kid, I used to find all this math books in my dad's office, I used to read them, and do all the exercises that appeared in them, then I would check the answers in the back and believe it or not I always got the right ones.

My dad caught me one time, and he started screaming at me. He told me that I wasn't supposed to be grabbing those books. Then he looked at the correct answers, shut up and stares at me for a few minutes, he got out of my room and never mentioned it again.

At school I got really bored at my math classes. I got a terrible GPA because I fall asleep in class and I don't do my homework.

In this school the math classes seemed really advanced, and I was just reading the name of the class. There were also the normal ones like W & DS. I think it is Writing and something.

At the end of the schedule, says that they would be expecting me at 5 am at the premises of the school.

"WHAT!! Are they crazy or something I can't be there by 5 am!!" No way. I'm not going. Then out of nowhere my dad was next to me, reading my schedule over my shoulder. I was about to scream when I noticed who it was.

"Dad you totally freaked me out! How long have you been there?"

"Oh I just arrived. Is that your schedule for tomorrow?" he asked

"Oh yeah, but I'm not going, I mean did you read at what time they are expecting me to be there. It's crazy"

"You are going to go, and that's the end of the discussion" I didn't even realized that we have started a discussion.

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