Chapter one: Moving

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(Uh oh, you've run into an old and terrible fan fiction that I wrote years ago.  Congrats. If you're gonna comment, go ahead but keep in mind that I hate this work and it means nothing to me when you do criticize it and have a laugh at it as many of you do. Sincerely, me. The author. Xoxo)  Jake had just moved from England a day ago. He had a sick, homesick feeling in his stomach. Jake was upset and missed his beautiful home in England where his grandmother lived. Jake felt alone. His Grandma decided he should go to a real school and make friends, to give him a chance to be a real teenager. The sweet brit was sent to Texas on his own to go to high school. Jake would be staying with his cousin Jane because they could not afford him his own place. What were things going to be like now?

Jake stared up at the ceiling as he lay in his new bed, surrounded by few unpacked things and A LOT of boxes carrying his belongings. It was night now and Jake was dead tired from spending the day with Jane.
"Gadzooks, I'm bloody exhausted." He sighed as the young man felt his eyes start getting heavy. Tired, he fell into a deep sleep, unknowing of what was to happen at his new school the next day.

Hey guys! It's me, _GardenGnostic_! This is the first chapter of my very first book/fanfic. I hope you enjoy it! Tips, suggestions, and constructive criticism for the fic are appreciated and welcomed!

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