Chapter 4 | Bonnie & Clyde

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This isn't exactly the part I was excited for... But its coming ;) I just couldn't fit it all in this one.

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Unbuckling her seat belt Emma jumps out of her parked car.
Softly, she holds onto the closing door keeping it from slamming shut. Until she finally hears it click.

Despite her best efforts of keeping quiet, Killian still shifts in his shotgun seat; Trying to reposition onto his other side not remembering his hurt shoulder in the least bit, his mind hazy and filled with sleep.

Immediately jarring himself awake as the stinging pain strikes into his festering shoulder.

"Ah-" He grits his teeth, his head bangs back against the headrest as he waits for the pain to pass. Biting back a moan, he gets shoved from his thoughts when subtle voices just outside the vessel plunder his hearing.
Bloody woman. She better have been going under the required limit of speed, I swear to the gods ... If she got us pulled over -

The distinct sound of engines roaring back to life, one after the other breaks through the air. Shortly followed by the unpleasant smell of fuel which all at once assaults his senses.

Curiosity takes over when he decides to cautiously take his chances and sit up.
His semi awaken state completely waring off while he tightens his grip on his aching shoulder, applying what pressure he can handle.
His eyes burn from sleep, That drowsy feeling you get when you sleep for too long during a nap.

Looking out the fogged up windows of the yellow bug, he first sees various cars lined up and nozzles being transferred from the vehicles back to the gas pumps.

Relieved, he lets out a Breath he didn't know he was holding.

It would appear were merely refueling. He reassures himself

Somewhere over his shoulder he can hear the blonde pumping their gas.
Minutes slowly go by when she makes her first appearance since the ordeal last night. She strolls acrossed his view in front of the yellow hood of the car, making her way over to the mini-mart; Her heels echoing off the pavment.

Dam. She is a petite little thing isn't she?

When she comes back she's hastily unlatching the car door and sliding into the drivers seat. Deep in thought, as she stares holes into the black steering wheel. Her emerald eyes filled worried.

"Whats troubling you now lass?" Killian asks a little more stern than he meant to come acrossed.

Her slouched shoulders jump in surprise as she gasps and her green eyes flutter over to him.

"Geez! Dude you scared me." She places her palm over her frantic beating heart. "I thought you were still in here catching flies."

He looks at her, nothing short of offended. His lips pressed together and his eyes visibly narrow. "I do NOT "catch" "flies"." Killian harshly states.

Her blonde brow arches, A smirk plastered over her face. She stares at him from under her black rimmed glasses, just daring him.

Though I won't deny, she does look rather fetching in those glasses.

I don't recall her wearing them last night... He pondered to himself while he watched her buckle and start the car.

"Sorry buddy ... Tell that to the two hour documentary I could have taped on 'How one property preforms the art of Fly Catching' that could prove otherwise."

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