The In Crowd

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I woke up to two bitches in my bed. Damn what the fuck happen lastnight. I did my hygiene then went downstairs. My maid Della made breakfast just how I like it .
"Yo Dellz go get them hoe bitches up and out my crib". I instructed her and she bowed and quickly did as I said.
I'm Romeo shit it was my real name. My mom gave me that name after my father who in her words was her Romeo. He took her out the hood have her a better life till her pops my grandpa killed him. Then turned and killed my moms crazy huh if it wasn't for my grandma he'd probably dead me too. Nigga was a crazy fucka never treated me right.
At fifteen me and grandma moved away from his crazy ass and came to her home Jamaica.
16 I was on the streets slanging now 25 I ran this muthafucka. No one dear to fuck with me. I was pushing about 400 grams a day 20000g a week. My workers didn't work weekends cause we made so much.
Later that day I was in my office doing business when Della knocks. "Sir your 3:00 is here". I yelled "send them in" Marco had been telling me about this nigga from the states who was untouchable. Now they wanted to work with me here in the islands. No problem I loved new recruitments.
When they walked in the nigga wasn't a nigga but a bitch.
"Hi I'm Juanita" damn she was fine as shit. Thick fat ass big tits and full lips just everything.
"Um come in sit" she walked in working that blue dress. She sat down looked me directly in my eyes with her hazel ones.
"So you wanna work with me"? She smiled "yea I do you know I think I can bring more money to your operation you got here"?
Convinced he asked "how"? She handed me a paper. "Been up all night you can expand why only in Jamaica you can work south Miami and the Bahamas especially now the vacationers are sky high".
He rubbed his chin he had been thinking about expanding for a minute but never pushed himself.
"Okay cool you bring shit to the table for me I like that". She nodded "where you from"? She hesitated then finally said "Memphis " .
"How long you been in the game"? "My father was in the game in Memphis learned a little from him and then my ex before he was killed was in the game that fuck nigga I ran his shit cause he was so dumb literally ".
"Okay so what you wanna do my new people start as little men". She shrugged "whatever you want me to do boss".
Nah I couldn't make her no little man . "Your to beautiful to be a little man you can be under me running Jamaica for now till I feel comfortable with giving you a territory . Chill out for a minute Ima gather the boys to come meet the new member.

Yes I'm in now my plan was in full effect this nigga was going to pay for what he did.

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