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5 years later

"Pa's home! Pa's home!" the twins yelled in unison as they ran from the porch and toward Zachary who was riding in after being gone all day hunting. Samantha stood on the porch steps smiling happily at the sight of her husband and children.

Zachary jumped down from his horse and lifted both of the laughing four year olds into his arms. He carried them up onto the porch. He kissed his wife, feeling his blood growing hotter at the feel of her lips on his.

"Pa, the baby kicked me today!" Jessica said excitedly as he sat her and her twin brother Aaden down on the porch.

"It did?" he asked looking down at her animated face that looked so much like her mothers. Pouty lips, curly red hair, freckles littering her nose and cheeks and those emerald green eyes. Aaden looked more like him with his dark hair and blue eyes.

"Mama said we scared the baby cuz we were fighting like cats and dogs." Aaden added. Samantha smiled down at her son and Zachary laid a hand on her large, growing belly.

"Why were you fighting?" Zachary asked but Aaden didn't seem to hear him.

"Do cats and dogs fight, Pa? Why do they fight? Don't they like each other? I like dogs but I don't like cats. Cats have claws and they scratch…." the boy continued talking even as Samantha guided them into the house.

"That's it." Zachary said to her matter-of-factly. "They've spent far to much time with their Uncle Tim… They've picked up his bad habit of talking to much." Samantha laughed and slapped him lightly on the arm.

"Where is Tim?" she asked. "I thought he was coming back with you." Zachary smiled.

"He said he needed to go into town and pick someone up. Seems he's bringing a friend out here for dinner." Samantha raised an eyebrow.

"Friend?" she asked.

"Lady friend." Zachary replied. Samantha looked shocked for a moment and then smiled so bright that Zachary was sure the room grew lighter.

"Is he finally thinking about settling down?" she asked. Zachary shrugged and pulled her close to him.

"Seems that way." he whispered against her ear and she felt a delicious little shiver pass through her. "I for one can't wait until after dinner when everyone is gone and the kids are in bed."

"Me either." Samantha replied barely able to find her voice. He lowered his mouth to her lips and kissed her with a passion that had only grown stronger in the last five years.

"Get a room." Jessica said from her seat at the table. Zachary looked over at his daughter and then back at Samantha.

"Definitely too much Uncle Tim lately." he said and they both laughed.

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