Chapter Eleven

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"I'll be fine, I promise." Samantha assured Zachary as he paced the kitchen. "Go to Wichita and take care of the paperwork and quit worrying."

"I wish that you would come with me. I don't want to leave you here alone."

"Zachary, I will be fine. I have things I would like to get done around here and I haven't been feeling well lately. A two day ride to Wichita just doesn't sound like a good idea to me." she replied laying a hand over her stomach. Zachary stopped pacing long enough to look at her still flat belly and smile.

"I still can't believe that our baby is growing inside you." he said. Samantha smiled back. It had been six weeks since they'd returned from Rolling Prairie. She had realized she was pregnant only a few days ago and Zachary had been over the moon with happiness since. Until today. Word had arrived that some paperwork was needing to be filled out in Wichita to have the deed to the farm finalized in his name..

"I'll be gone for four days, Sam." he said regretfully. Samantha sighed.

"I know and I will miss you like crazy but I'll have plenty to do to keep me busy. Between the cows, chickens, pigs, horses and the garden…." Zachary cut her off.

"You don't need to be doing all that in your condition. Tim will be here, make him do it."

"Don't worry, Zach, I'll make sure she doesn't do anything to hurt herself or the little one." Tim assured him, walking in from the porch. "You go and take care of business so you don't lose this farm and I'll hold down the fort for you until you get back."

"I'll hurry, Sam. Today is Monday so I'll be back Thursday night hopefully… Friday morning at the latest." Samantha stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly.

"I'll be here waiting on you." she replied. He moaned and pulled her closer to him pressing her body tight against his.

"Dammit woman you are hard to leave." he said breathing in her scent. She smiled.

"Good. That means you won't make a habit out of it." Tim cleared his throat.

"Get a room you two." he said. Samantha looked over at him and saw the good natured smile on his face.

"Get your own house." Zachary snapped back. Samantha slapped Zachary's arm lightly.

"Sorry Tim, he's a little touchy this morning." she said. Tim shrugged.

"I would be too if I had to leave you." he replied.

"Do you have everything ready?" Samantha asked turning her attention back to Zachary. He nodded.

"Yea." he replied. "I know you don't want to carry a revolver around the whole time I'm gone but can I at least talk you into keeping a rifle loaded in the house?"

"I think you're worrying over nothing but yes I'll keep a loaded rifle in the house." she conceded.

"And a knife in your boot?" he added. Samantha rolled her eyes but agreed with a nod. Zachary untied one of his knives from his thigh and handed it to her. She bent and slipped it into her boot.

"Anything else?" she asked. "A stick of dynamite in my skirt perhaps?" Tim chuckled and walked back outside.

"I love you, Sam. I'll be back as soon as I can." Zachary said kissing her gently.

"I love you too."

"Tim's coming with me as far as Paco because he said he wants to pick some things up. He'll be back before dark." Samantha followed Zachary out onto the porch with Jake on her heels.

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