Regina looks down at Henry, then to Gracie. "We're you?"

Both kids shake their heads no, not wanting to speak to their Mother in fear of being punished.

"Look for yourself," The clark gestures toward the candy laying on the counter.

Gracie steps aside to let Regina through. She picks up a candy bar and examines it.

"My kids don't steal, and they know better," Regina looks from her kids to the other ones, "it was obviously those two. We're going."

Regina puts an arm around both her children as they walk towards the door. She is relieved Henry and Gracie didn't steal, but she knew they would never do such a thing. Right when the three reached the door, a familiar red jacket greeted them. Gracie smiled when she looked up to see Emma.

"Henry, what happened?" She asks her son, "And Gracie? What's going on?"

"Miss Swan, let me remind you genetics mean nothing. You're not his Mother, or Gracie's, and it's all been taken care of," Regina states.

"I'm here because I'm the sheriff."

"Oh that's right."

Regina lets Emma pass while opening the door for Henry and Gracie. Gracie looks back and waves bye to Emma, receiving a glare from Regina.


Gracie sat at Mary Margaret's dinner table with Ava and Nicholas. Emma told her to come to see if she could get some information from them. She knew kids would easily talk to other kids. That and the fact that Mary Margaret says Gracie can persuade anyone to tell her anything.

"We're sorry we framed you," Ava apologized, her bowl filled to the top for a second time.

"We were just hungry," Nicholas mumbled with a mouth filled with food.

"It's fine, I understand," Gracie replies, "I was out on my own once too. It was only a short amount of time, but I got the feel of it all."

Emma tapped on Gracie's shoulder and motioned for her to follow. She excused herself from the conversation quickly and followed Emma away from the table. Emma leaned against the wall, Mary Margaret facing them. She flashed Gracie a smile, it was good to see her again.

"So did they tell you anything?" Emma asks Gracie.

"All I found out is their Mother passed away a few years ago and they don't know who their Father is," Gracie answered and her face fell for a second before whispering, "they're orphans like us."

Emma gave Gracie a sad smile, "You're not an orphan anymore. You have Regina."

"You know what I mean."

And Emma did, which is why she didn't try to argue with Gracie. Also Emma knew there was no way to win an argument against Gracie.

"I don't think we'll get anymore information from them, so you can head on home," Emma sighed, "we don't want Regina finding out you were with us."

"She wouldn't be very happy," Mary Margaret added.

Gracie nodded and smiled, "If you need anything else I'm usually always free."

Gracie left the two adults alone and joined Ava and Nicholas at the table once again.

"I have to be on my way," Gracie said, picking up her bowl and putting it in the sink, "but it was great to meet both of you."

The siblings looked at Gracie with pained smiles. She could tell there was something bothering them, it was written across their face. She cocked her head slightly right and waited for one of them to talk.

"Do you think we'll get separated?" Ava asked.

The question caught Gracie off guard. She hadn't thought about that, what if they got put in the system? Would they be together? Gracie couldn't imagine being separated from Henry, and she wouldn't want it to happen to any other siblings.

"I don't know," Gracie answered truthfully, "but we have to have hope and wait and see."

Gracie slipped out the door quietly while the two children turned to whisper to each other.



This was a short chapter but I wanted to get something posted! The next update will be better. Once again, sorry for not updating much I'm extremely busy!

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