(Image above is of Osias!)

It seemed like we drove for hours, even if it was, in reality, only a couple of minutes. I kept my eyes closed and my small hands in my lap comfortably, attempting to tune Osias's words out in the background. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't go against the will of my Alpha, Mate or not. Technically, I'm an Omega, which made things even worse. Because of that, I was stuck in this expensive car with my bare thighs sticking to the leather and an annoyingly attractive man to my left. 

This is wrong.

I jumped in my seat as I felt a slight pressure on my palm out of nowhere. It took less than a second for me to recognize exactly what it was, and when I did, I felt like fainting. The sparks that erupted throughout my body was only half of the problem. As his large, warm fingers intertwined with my slim and slightly chilly ones, I had to fight back a sound of protest. 

I'm betraying Max.

There was a steady flow of negative thoughts that refused to let me calm down, and my small body tensed with a strong feeling of remorse. Closing my eyes for a few minutes at a time helped, but I was undeniably hyper-aware of the feeling of Osias's hand pressed firmly into mine. I knew that I shouldn't have looked down at them, but I wasn't even close to being in my right mind.

My breath hitched at the sight before me as I flickered my eyes down. My pale, slender and effeminately dainty fingers fit perfectly into his rough, tanned and comfortingly calloused ones. Just the sight of our hands embracing one another was enough to send my emotions over the edge again. 

I must really be a whore. 

"Berlin?" Osias spoke with a surprisingly soft tone and I blinked, surprised that we were stopped in the middle of a path bordered by lush foliage. I quickly wiped my tears with my unoccupied hand, not wanting him to worry about the steady stream that ran down my cheeks.

"Y-yes?" I mumbled softly, taking the opportunity to slip my hand from his and clasp it with my other one before turning my head to look at him shyly.

I couldn't miss the worried frown that overtook his features at the sight of me. I couldn't help but flinch as he reached out to cup my cheek and brush his thumb underneath my watery eyes. I was dumb to think that I could fool him into thinking I wasn't in tears. 

I'm so stupid. 

"Shit..." I heard him mumble fiercely as a fresh wave of salty water began sliding down my cheeks. I quickly buried my face into the long sleeves of Max's sweater as Osias slipped out of the driver's seat, inhaling deeply as I tried to reign in my pathetic sobs. It seemed as if I never stopped crying these days. 

I'm so weak. 

It didn't register that I was being carried through the dense trees until I heard the loud swoosh of water gushing from what sounded like a waterfall. Taking the moment to peek through my fingers, I was astounded at the beauty of the place that I was currently being carried to. I'd never seen a clearing more beautiful. The grass radiated a bright green at Osias's feet, and I couldn't help but smile inwardly as I thought of slipping off my Toms and running through the soft blanket of it. My eyes soaked in the beauty of the clearing, but by far the most beautiful of all was a large pool of crystal clear water, fed by a never-ending flow of a waterfall.

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