Chapter 22: Explanations.

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The Golden Trio and their Slytherin enemy stared blankly at Madam Pomfrey.

"I... I guess you four do not know how she was cursed..." Madam Pomfrey hesitantly said then walked away.

"Wait!" Hermione called, making Madam Pomfrey stop and turn around to face her, "where are you going?"

She was about to reply when another piercing scream escaped from Julienne's lips.

All five looked at Julienne in horror as she began tearing her flesh on her face, fiercely.

"Get them off me!" she yelled in agony, "it burns! it's eating me!"

Hermione rushed to her side but all she can do was tell her that everything was going to be ok.

Draco tore his eyes away from the two, his heart was being tore into pieces. 'This was all my fault....' he thought. Even if he knew if this had nothing to do with him, he couldn't help blaming this on himself.

His fist was clneched on his side as he bit his bottom lip to keep himself from screaming by trying to let the frustration out of him.

'Why did the Dark Lord curse her? How could he do such thing to an innocent girl?' he thought. 'What am I thinking? He's the Dark Lord for god's sake. He'll kill anyone and everyone who comes in his way..... What happened to Julienne that made him curse her?'

Draco suddenly had an urge to punch something. He raised an arm

to punch the wall next to him but Julienne's another scream stopped him. He instead, unclenched his fist and placed it to his side. He didn't turn around to face her but just sat down on a chair. Putting his elbows on his knees, he placed his hands over his face.

On the other hand, the Golden Trio and Madam Pomfrey were staring intensely.

"Why... how did you know that it was... Him?" Hermione asked, breaking the intense silence that had been filling the whole room for almost 10 minutes.

Madam Pomfrey sighed and turned to looked at Hermione for a brief second than back at Julienne.

"This curse.... Was created by the Dark Lord himself...." this had caught everyone attention's, including Draco's, but of course excluding Julienne who has been groaning in pain. Madam Pomfrey continued as she stared sadly at Julienne, "The Dark Lord hardly ever uses this curse....."

"Then why did he use it on her?" asked Harry, interrupting her.

"It is either she knows something about the Dark Lord that is a secret or the Dark Lord has something against her..."

"Aren't those two the same thing?" Ron mumbled but was ignored.

Madam Ponfrey cleared her throat and continued. "The person who has been cursed by this, they will have maggots eat a part of their skin and come out of their body, large amount of puss coming out in process. They will hallucinate that spiders/tarantula are tearing their skin... more like making a whole in their muscles. Also, their skin would burn to the cause of the curse. These process are not yet known how they happen but it is for sure that the Dark Lord himself has created it."

"Can we heal her or something?" asked Harry, looking worriedly at the still-screaming-in-pain, Julienne.

Madam Pomfrey shook her head sadly. "There is only one thing we could do..."

Draco sat up and looked at her with a lot of hope. "What is it?!"

She gulped. "We could only watch her go through the whole process.... which is last about six days."

Draco slumped in the chair he has sitting on and looked down, trying to hide the tears rolling down his cheeks. 'Nothing... I could do nothing to help her....' he thought.

"Are there any other things that would happen?" asked Hermione.

"The first three that she is going through now will occur to every single person that was cursed... But there would be few more that she would be going through... That differs from person to person, though. If one person goes through the more horrible hallucination, the other might go through the feeling of getting... raped. Or maybe the feeling of the most painful experience they have gone through but literally 100 times worse... For example, the Cruciatus Curse... but 100 times worse."

Draco cringed at the thought. Oh how he would never want to experience that. The Cruciatus Curse is painful but hundred times worse? Never want that.

"How do you know these stuff?" asked Hermione, just in curiosity.

Madam Pomfrey smiled sadly. "My sister.... The Dark Lord hexed her with this spell... Although, she eventually died of too much blood loss."

"What had she gone through?"

"The three and something like Sectumsempra."

"...what do you think Julie would go

through?" Ron asked, quietly.

"She might have a mental damage, by the looks. She would have to be locked up in a room for a week because....." Madam Pomfrey trailed off, not wanting to go into details.

"Locked up in a room for a WEEK?! She's going to die!" yelled Draco.

"Then she would go insane! She would kill anyone, and I mean ANYONE that she lays eyes on!!!" Madam Pomfrey sighed, realizing she had just yelled at a student and continued with a calm voice, "Even the person she loves with her whole heart. She doesn't know who she is. She's going to be lost in a dark world for six days. She's going to be blind, most likely. It would look like as if a monster has taken over her body... She would be having horrible nightmares every night until the end of 6 days. And for her, every second feels like hours. She'll feel the time going by VERY slowly."

"What an horrible curse....." murmured Harry.

"It's is not only horrible, Mister Potter, but it is painful and torturing curse...."


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