The next morning they left to the mountains

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The next morning they left to the mountains. The path shrank again, making each step difficult as pebbles moved under her feet falling off the ledge on the right. A snowstorm started only minutes up the path. So much for the goddess's blessing. A wry smile came and left.

Through the white-all that was visible was Parcival's blue cloak flapping in the wind. The strong gust pushed her back.

He took hold of her hand, then turned to continue to plow ahead.

Han slid back keeling as another gust pushed on them.

She extended her hand to him.

Han took it mouthing: 'Thanks.'

She nodded.

They hands linked together and proceeded up the path.

The blizzard reduced visibility to only a few feet. She squinted hard. A punishment from Olenus? Gripping Parcival's shoulder, she pointed to the left at a large fissure on the mountainside, everyone squeezed into the opening. She exhaled and shivered.

"I want to ask you something," Parcival said.

"What is it?" She gingerly laid back on the stone.

He faced to the side quiet for a moment.

"You died. I saw it, your aura had disappeared when you were in the container."

Merryn fiddled with a loose threadbare tie on her boot.

"I really don't know." She clenched her jaw. Not hating Kar was hard. She breathed in and whispered a quick prayer. Goddess forgive me.

His brow deepening between his eyes, the ridges gave a deeper air of seriousness than usual.

"I want you to come with me. This infection is causing something, it's damaging more than just your body."

Infection? You could be called that.

He will die first.

Is the truth too bitter?

Things will be bitter alright.

A city full of humans... "I doubt they will treat me with the same kindness as you have."

"It'll be alright, you'll see."

Leaning back, she fell asleep as soon as her eyes closed.

When the storm stopped it was nighttime.

They exited the crack.

Finally. Further, up the path, it widened dipping into a small cavern opening.

The storm moaned one last time as if in lament to its end. A few feet later the opening widened. Standing and, dusting off her clothing.

"Wow, look at the size of this place." Parcival leaned over and whistled. "Deep too."

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