Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Who's Comforting Who?

*Allison's POV*

Connor drove down to the hospital. After I heard the news, I just kind of froze up. I couldn't move or talk or do anything. Connor seemed to think it was shock, but I wasn't so sure.

I never loved my parents. Not really. They were controlling, manipulative, and downright evil, anyone could see it. And even after I heard they were dead, gone, out of the picture... I wasn't sad. No tears sprang to my eyes like in the movies. No sobs of anguish erupted from my throat. And no old memories flooded though my mind. She didn't feel sad at all. She just felt... shocked. Like when you think there's one more step on the stairs than there really is and you're left tumbling and looking for something to grab onto. 

They rode in silence until they finally reached the hospital. Connor slowly pulled into a parking space, shut off the car, and sat there unmoving. I glanced over at him. "Are you planning on getting out of the car? Or are we just going to sit here?"

Connor frowned but didn't meet my eyes. "I get that you're in shock. Maybe you should have some time to cry and grieve before you go in there and see them."

I roll my eyes and take off my seatbelt. "I'm fine. Can we just get this over with?"

He sighed but unlocked the doors. I got out and walked quickly to the hospital, leaving Connor jogging in my wake. 

*Connor's POV*

What the heck is wrong with her? She's not upset at all! I thought she was upset when she didn't say anything else to me, and I expected her to break down in tears in the car. But instead she just calmly got out! And now she's jogging away from me. Distancing herself from me. Why? 

But hey, I'm happy to give her some space. I can't even imagine this happening to me. And especially on her birthday! I had this whole special night planned. We'd go to see Wicked down at the theatre in the city, then have a nice romantic dinner at home cooked by yours truely, finished off by a night swim in the pool and-

"Are you coming?" Allison's calm voice broke through my thoughts. 

"Oh, yeah. Sorry." I walked up to where she stood at the desk. She nodded and turned back to the lady at the front desk.

"Hi, I'm Allison Danielson. Kelley White called me about a half hour ago and told me I needed to come down here and identify my parent's bodies. Where do I go?"

The receptionist frowned and took off her glasses as she stood up. "Right through those doors, just ask for Doctor Wagner. I'm so sorry for your loss."

Allison nodded and led me through the doors the receptionist had gestured to. I trailed behind her more slowly and watched her talk to another doctor, who put his hand up and walked away. She stood, rooted to the spot, staring into nothing. I walked over and put a gentle, comforting hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned to glare at me. "Sorry," I said softly. I pause and watch the anger rush from her face, replaced with disconcern. "Are you okay?" She nodded. "You sure you can handle this?"

"I'm fine," she said irritably. I wanted to say more, but the doctor came back just then. He didn't smile, just gestured for us to follow. I gently grabbed her hand and led her through the doors. She didn't seem to notice that this was the first time I was moving faster than her.

She hesitated just before we reached the door. The doctor kept walking and held the door for us as we slowly followed him into the cold room. I squeezed her hand and looked slowly around the room. The shelves were covered in huge silver drawers with big handles. The room was freezing, almost twenty degrees colder than the hallway had been. It was eerily quiet; there were no windows to let light in and no furniture, just a huge table in the middle of the room. A few carts were scattered around the room with bodies covered by large sheets. I shivered slightly but didn't stop walking until we reached where the doctor was waiting by two of the shelves.