*Authors Note; when its written like this its what Suzu is thinking.*

~Rika, I’m pretty sure Haruhi said to wait for her outside the school. Not to go wandering inside this freakin castle. There is a difference. ~ I thought giving my mirrored sister a side glare in which she bluntly ignored.

She rolled her emerald blue eyes before answering my thoughts out loud, not caring whether or not she may look insane doing so.

“Will you chill, Suzu? God, it’s not like were lost or anything.” She huffed turning another corner.

Oh right, because she totally knows where were going right now.

This place is like the Disney castle but more...well classy! It’s so strange to actually believe we're going to be attending this high class school starting tomorrow. I mean, to go from our run down neighborhood to this rich private school is just...unbelievable!

Turning another unfamiliar corner, Rika led the way down another exquisite hallway while I followed patiently behind her, inspecting all of the beautiful decorative railings and wallpapers. I finally pried my eyes away from the light pink marble ceilings to see my sister looking more confused than ever. She stood stock still, her light eyebrows stitched together as she glared at the different hallways.

~oh so you know where you’re going? ~ I thought sarcastically while she just fidgeted around, trying to decide whether we should turn right or left.

She snapped her head around, long white/silver hair swishing when she did and glared at me.

“So I forgot! I’m sorry I couldn’t memorize the whole place before we got here! Now, will you stop complaining and help me?” she practically pleaded.

I would have laughed at her defeated expression, but can’t for obvious reasons.

Sighing, I looked down both hallways and didn’t see a music room three Haruhi had told us she had to be in. Then an idea came to me and I turned to my identical sister, facing her defeated expression. If someone had seen us standing in front of each other like this, they would have thought I was standing in front of a mirror. That’s how close in looks my sister and I are, but oddly that comes with being identical from our height and weight to our eyes and hair color.

~Okay, how about I go down this hallway and you down that one and see where it leads us? If you don’t find Haruhi in the next ten minutes then meet me back here, deal? ~

For a second I thought I would have to repeat the thought, before she nodded and enfolded me in her arms for a quick hug.

If I could at that moment, I would have giggled and told her she shouldn’t worry, that we would see each other again very soon, but the last time I said that was before the incident happened and we lost everything. Our family, friends, house, even the trust we had with our own father...

So I just squeezed her back and gently let go, starting my journey down the never ending hallway.  My checkered skirt swished with every step I took while I searched for this stupid music room where Haruhi said she would be.

I was about to give up my search after five minutes of awkward searching, when a sign caught my eyes and I sighed in relief. Thank God I finally found it; I was starting to wish I had left a bread trail behind me to find Rika again!

Hesitantly, I walked up to the large set of double doors that would hopefully lead me to Haruhi and swallowed hard. I'm really freaking hoping this club she's in, isn't going to freak when I just walk on in...

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