7: Telling the fans ( His POV)

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I was sitting on the couch with Sarah and we were getting ready to announce to the fans that we were having babies. She was now 16 weeks pregnant so about 3,5 months, so we decided it was time to let the fans know what was going on. We also decided we would tell them we are expecting twins. We were both gonna tweet a picture of the first sonogram and add a little text.

"Are you ready to tell your fans and the rest of the world?" Sarah asked me.

"Yeah i am, lets do this" i smiled as i kissed her on the lips.

" @NiallOfficial: Me and my amazing wife Sarah are happy to announce that next year there will be two little Horans arriving. That's right, Sarah is pregnant and we are expecting twins. We don't know the genders yet"

I sent the tweet and instantly got lots of likes and RT's. All the comments were posetive and fans were so happy for us:)

Then it was time for Sarah to tweet!

"@sarah_xoxo: So happy to announce that me and Niall are expecting a baby. And the best part is, we're having twins. When we know the genders we will let you all know".

There. Now our tweets were sent and it was fun watching the comments! And the fans also had some trending topics to!

What trended later:

I was so happy that we now had finally told everyone. The rest of the evening were spend relaxing and packing for our trips to Rome and Barcelona!

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