Chapter 2 - •The Girlfriend•

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"You're not even looking at me!"

"I don't need to look at you to know that you're lying. You're my daughter. I've known you well enough."

"Ugh dad" I groaned and crossed my arms on my chest facing front again and chose to ignore him

"See. Don't worry love, I won't tell this to your mother." he winked and I rolled my eyes, counting the minutes that passed by as he drove down the street to our home


School went fast the next day, which was Friday, so I could finally relax in the weekend. It's lunch time at the moment and I didn't want any greasy food that was served in the cafeteria so I decided to go to the library instead.

I was currently in the fiction section sitting on the steps of the stairs leading to the non fiction section of the library reading some romance novels of Kiera Cass. That girl is literally the queen.

There isn't much people who's here in the library so it was pretty isolated and quiet. I was sitting there reading when I felt someone sit down beside me. I turned my head to see Grey with his usual leather jacket, his hands on the pocket and he was looking down on the book that I was reading.

"'Break my heart.'" he recited "'Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.' Well isn't that sad."

I slapped his shoulder lightly and he laughed clutching it "Don't you go sarcastic on The Selection Series on me mister. This book is the one that most teenage girls fall in love with."

"Hey I don't blame you. Every girl always wants her prince charming." He made kissy noises and I used my hand to push away his face from mine, both of us letting out a laugh


We both turned our heads to see Charles and his buddies looking at us in confusion

"Shit" I hear Grey mutter under his breath and he stood up to approach them

"What are you doing here Grey?" Charles commented with a smirk on his face "The library is actually the last place I would expect you to be."

"I'm here just to return the book Ms. Dorothy asked me to return. What about you Charles? Clearly the library isn't the place you would want to enter either." Grey raised his eyebrow, glaring right at Charles

"My mates saw you come in so I decided to follow you. Imaging the look on our faces when we saw you exchanging laughters here with Nerdy." He smirked and I turned to look at Grey. He was clenching his jaw and his fist was clenched too probably from restraining himself to punch Charles

He scoffed "You wish Charles. The little nerd here slipped down the stairs and I was laughing at her. Don't assume too much."

My eyes widened in surprise but my shocked stance ended when I heard Charles and his friends double in laughter

"Wait seriously?! Damn I regret coming here a bit late. I should've seen that scene!" Charles breathed out

He actually believes him? Idiot, I was laughing with him, didn't you see that?

I turned to look at Grey again and he was smirking. When he turned to face me and met my gaze for a second before turning back to Charles

"Come on Charles. Lunch ends in fifteen minutes. We should go now." Grey motioned and went to exit the library with Charles and his friends towing behind

I was in trance for a few minutes before shaking my head to snap out of it.

What are you thinking about Chloe? Of course he would deny you. It's not like you're not used to it anymore.

I plastered a fake smile on my face and decided to head out of the library with The One clutched on my arm. Despite the burning and breaking sensation I feel in my chest, I gave a small smile at the girl behind the reception desk before walking out of the quiet place.


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