Chapter 2 - •The Girlfriend•

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"You're going to regret that." he murmured against my neck and I felt an involuntary shiver against my spine

I already am.

"Alright! I-I'm sorry! Grey Williams i-is the greatest p-person I have e-ever met!" he finally stopped and I struggled to catch my breath again

For a couple of minutes, I was there staring at him while trying to regain my lost breaths and he was just staring back at me with a stupid grin on his face.

I waited for a few minutes and finally let out a scream and attacked him.

It clearly caught him off guard as he fell off the couch as I tackled him and was brought down with him. It wasn't a hard fall as I landed on him but was sure a hard fall for him cause I was sure I heard a thump when his back landed on the floor.

I started tickling him too, knowing his ticklish spots and he was also trying his best to pry my hands off. It resulted to the two off us tickling each other and exchanging laughs here and there.

It somehow stopped when he flipped the both of us and he was the one on top of me instead. Our laughter died down and we both just stared at each other, my glasses falling to my nose and my fringe falling loosely on my forehead. He was supporting his weight with his knees and elbows and he used one of his hands to tuck my loose fringe away from my forehead.

His eyes looked down to my lips for a split second before darting back up to my eyes. I bit my bottom lip feeling insecure all of a sudden and he just chuckled, his minty breath fanning over my lips. I felt my heart beating faster again and everything just happened to happen in slow motion.

He was leaning in, our nose touching, when suddenly we heard a forced cough coming from the door.

We pulled away in the speed of light and Grey rolled away to land beside me. We turned our heads to the door to find my dad with an amused look on his face.

"I honked about five minutes ago and Chloe, you still didn't go outside. I figured you were too busy doing something so I decided to come in instead. Meghan was the one who let me in by the way." He gestured towards the door and Grey nodded in the mention of his mother's name "And then I see what got you all so distracted. So are you ready to come home or do you want to stay for a few more minutes?"

I glared at my dad for his attempt at teasing and got up. I got my bag from the couch as Grey stood up as well. I patted my hair down trying to fix it and adjusted my glasses before turning to Grey.

"Gotta go Grey. Thanks for today" I stuck my tongue out at him as I put my shoes back on and he stuck his tongue out at me in response. I laughed and kissed him on the cheek before joining my dad outside the doorway "Bye!"

"Bye Chloe! Bye Finn! Take care." he waved us a final goodbye as we dad pulled out of their driveway. I glanced at the rear view mirror to see him closing the door

"Okay" I turned my head to see my dad smiling sheepishly whilst staring ahead on the road "Care to tell me what was all that about?" he wiggled his eyebrows up and down and I rolled my eyes, chuckling, turning my gaze back to the front

"Stop dad, you're doing a very bad impression of mum" he laughed and continued driving

"Whatever. But tell me though, do you like that Grey boy?" I whipped my head facing him immediately with a shocked gaze

"No dad! What are you talking about?" I quickly denied, feeling my cheeks warm up

"Uhuh your eye is twitching" he smirked

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