Chapter 4

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Sorry I've become lazy. Anyway I'm sorry its a bit short.

I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Well I tried to but the chains wouldn't let me close it. I grabbed the ditched clothes and put them on a chair. I guess I really was wearing them. Kaneki was on the kitchen,washing the dishes. I sighed and  took off my clothes and opened the water. It was cold at first but heated up into a warm blessing. I decided to just enjoy the warm water on my skin while I could, dismissing the soap. "Tomoe Chan, are you alright in there?" I heard him from outside. "Yeah, don't worry!" "Do you want help?" "No thanks." I closed the curtains just in case he decided to peek. After was I was done I wrapped my hair in a towel and put the clothes on. I walked out of the bathroom to find Kaneki staring at me. "Cute!!" He screamed and hugged me. "Don't you have something to cover my legs?" I asked, embarrassed. "Why Tomoe Chan? It's not cold in here and besides, your really Kawai like that and you have really nice legs." He said, squeezing me. "Do you want to watch tv?" He asked. "Ok." I whispered. With that he carried me, bridal style, to the couch and sat me on his lap , turned to the tv. "What channel do you want?" He asked, petting me from behind. "The culinary channel please." "Ok." He changed the channels. I tried to distract myself with the tv but he kept kissing and petting me. "Could you stop please?" I whispered. "Stop with what?"He asked, kissing my neck." With the kissing and petting and stuff." I whispered again. "But I like kissing you and petting you. You taste so sweet." He said. I tried to ignore and kept watching tv as they show a hamburger recipe. "That must taste so good..." I heard him say. "You can eat human food?" I asked him. "No...not anymore, but I remember it was good." I heard him sigh. "Not anymore?" I asked confused. "I wasn't always a ghoul, you know?" He pulled me closer to him and kissed my head. "Wha-What happened?" I asked. "Long story. I'll tell you another day. Just enjoy the burger image now." He hugged me tighter and rested his head on mine.

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