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"Sarah? Are you okay?"

"Can you hear me?!"

Jenna's voice gets through to me and I snap out of my temporary daze. What do I reply? Yes, I'm fine - just a famous guy I really fancy happens to be staying in the same hotel as us. No biggie.

"Uh-uhm yes. I'm okay... Just, jet lag, you know? Real tired from the journey." I manage to mumble, even adding a tiny bit of eye contact to prove my sanity.

"Tired? You slept practically the whole way. I thought about giving you a pen-moustache." She retorts. Moustache? She better not have.

I immediately pull out my compact mirror from my bag and Jenna starts laughing. No moustache, thank goodness. Just some rather tired looking makeup. Must sort that out before I bump into Mitch again.

Wait. Mitch! How did I relax about that so quickly? MITCH in my hotel. Mitch eating breakfast in the same freaking place as me. Must. Not. Fan girl. Must be cool.

Somehow I make it to the hotel room without spilling the news to Jenna. I know she's a bajancanadian fan too. She loves jerome as well - I wonder if he's here?

"Sarah! Would you snap out of it?!"

I've been in a sort of day dream since we checked in - trying to picture how I'll introduce myself to the man himself. But I guess I don't have to worry about that just now.

But one tweet won't hurt.

'Omg. Just saw @bajan_canadian and co at hotel. I think. May be hallucinating #itwasalongflight'

Won't mention this to Jenna.

We unpack, prepare ourselves for the next day (in terms of event times and directions and outfits), and get ourselves ready for bed.

At about 10:30pm, I hear a ping from my phone. It has gone off a few times to inform me of tweets, none of which have been from bajan, but I check anyway.

I'm glad I checked.

'@sarahkmc ... o rly? You think so?'

From him.

My. God.

Of course , I reply immediately.

'@bajan_canadian unless you sent exact double to hotel as decoy, yes.'

A few seconds later:

'@sarahkmc Prove it? Go to 3rd floor hall. I'll bring food & drank.'

Oh. My. God.

'@bajan_canadian Not hungry or thirsty, but I'll be there in roughly 25 seconds. Bai.'

My heart is beating fast. Our room is on the second floor, so it won't take me long at all to get to the third. And if my mind wasn't playing tricks on me earlier, then Mitch will be there. Unless he was kidding, in which case this will be highly embarrassing.

Well. Only one way to find out.

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