Chapter Eighteen: Too Close

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A/N: Okay so I made two versions of this chapter though they aren't very different. The only difference is the intimacy level. In this version things don't get very heated, as in I brush over the explicit details, and the Restricted Version(located in the book title Restricted) has more detail. You can read either( the only difference is a sentence) so you won't miss out on anything if you only read one version.



I woke with a sneeze and to my nose burning.

Groaning, I turned to tell Kitty how that damned cat was going to be the death of me but I realized with a shock she wasn't lying across the room from me and I certainly wasn't in my own bed.

Jolting from the pillows I was sprawled across was a bad idea as my equilibrium wanted to make me fall back into the lush comforter. The headache I was experiencing wasn't helping either but I still forced myself out of the bed with thoughts on how reckless falling asleep on the job was.

I quickly scanned the room, finding myself alone and a note with my name on it sitting on the nightstand on the other side of the bed closest to the door.

As I read the words written in cursive and signed by a Benjamin, I swore as the memories of last night flooded my brain. I had been extremely reckless. Letting my mama drama get to me and- oh God, going to a motel with John Joe and taking drugs?

I rubbed my sensitive nose with the thought of how stupid I had acted last night. However I was a bit stumped on how I ended up here, in Mr. Collins' home.

The note said he'd be back soon, that he was out getting coffee and for me not to go anywhere if I woke up. It also said we needed to talk and I didn't think I wanted to stay and have a chat on how idiotic I'd acted.

But even as I thought about leaving, I had no idea where I was or where I'd left my car or my belongings. The wrinkled hospital gown resting on a chair next to the window wasn't inspiring confidence in my actions last night either. If I'd gone to the hospital did Collins tell them everything? No, probably not. If he had I probably wouldn't have woke up in his bed and he probably wouldn't be out getting coffee. I also didn't think I'd slept with him because I was still dressed in my work clothes and coated with glitter and makeup.

While I knew I needed to get home so I could check on Kitty I knew I wasn't going anywhere looking the way I did.

I exited his bedroom, ignoring my need to rub my nose and sneeze, and found myself creeping throughout his home. I wasn't sure who I was hiding from, his wife maybe but he wouldn't have left me home alone with his spouse. Or would he? When I finished my search of the home and found I was alone, I stopped my tiptoeing and realized that I was alone in Mr. Collins house. It felt odd being in his personal space without him being here and I couldn't help but snoop.

I started with his kitchen, which was just off the dining area, and I envied how clean and spacious it was. There was food in the fridge and cabinets and clean fancy dishes in the cupboard. As I took a fancy glass out and looked at the clear crystal, a thump on the counter behind me made me jump and nearly drop the wine glass. When I turned, I saw a fury white cat perched on the counter licking its paw delicately as if it hadn't just scared the crap out of me, nearly causing me to drop what I presumed to be a very expensive glass.

After swearing at the cat and having it hiss angrily at me, I left the kitchen to finish looking around. Next was his bathroom which was just as neat as the kitchen and Living-room and I wondered which spouse liked to keep the abode anally clean. It was like something out of a home decoration magazine with its perfect white walls, porcelain sink and white tub with a clear shower lining and dark blue rug in front of it. The rug matched the cozy on the toilet seat and I rolled my eyes at how perfect it all seemed. The medicine cabinet was empty but I figured it would be. I remembered seeing a bathroom in their bed room so I figure this one was for guest just like at Ron's home.

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