Into The Rabbit Hole

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I groaned. Why can't this day just be over?

"Niall. No sleeping in class." my maths teacher said. I groaned again and sat up.

Today sucks. I'll tell you why. I was outed. As in pushed out of the closet and into the world. The teasing was minimal, but I still wish it wouldn't have happened the way it did. That I don't feel like talking about.

I glance at my watch and smile. A minute. Just one minute between me and my mates. Today we're all going to the Problem Tree then hanging out at Liam's. The Problem Tree is where we all go if one of us is having a bad day.

We eat, drink, have fun. Leaving the problem with the tree, hence it's name. 

The final bell rings and I'm already out the door. 

I'm closing my locker as Louis walks over and slings his arm around my shoulder. I blush intensely.

"Hey Nialler. I heard you got outed today. I'm sorry." He said looking at me. I look down at my feet and shrug. 

"It's nothing." I mumble even though I know I'm lying and I'm sure he does too. I glance up at him and he actually looks worried.


I don't know if it's obvious quite yet , but here it is. I'm gay. My close friends and family knew already, some kid found out and blackmailed me, the cunt outted me anyway. Oh, yeah. I sort of have a crush on Louis. Surpise.


"It's not nothing Niall. I don't know why you won't tell us who the bugger was, you know Zayn would gladly beat his ass for you." Lou pulled me in tighter, shaking my shoulder laughing. "You riding with Liam or you want me to give you a ride?" He asked removing his arm and digging in his pocket, fishing out his car keys.

"I'll ride with you." I say still looking at my shoes.

"Are you going to be like this until we get to the tree?" Louis asked me leaning against my locker. I shook my head.

"Liar. What if I tell you a secret? Only my mum and Hazz know." Louis said seriously. I look up at him.

"I guess." Hopefully it didn't sound like a question like I thought it did. Louis motioned me over with his hand and cupped it to his mouth, I put my ear to his hand.

"I'm gay too." He whispered into my ear. I smiled. Before I could say anything Harry appeared. 

"Louis can I catch a ride with you? Liam's already gone. Is that blush on your face Niall?" Harry said playfully kissing Louis cheek. Louis laughed and wiped his face. I blushed harder.

"Yeah, Niall's sitting up front though. C'mon. Don't want to be late. We've got a tree to get to." Louis said dragging me and Harry to his car.

In Louis' car I felt myself unwind. He smelled of him. A soft, clean smell with a rugged hint of mint to it. I loved this smell.

"How was your day Harry." I asked trying not to act weird around Lou. "You seem especially chipper today." I shift in my seat to look back at him. He smile widely.

"No reason. Today was just a good day. Something unexpected happened." He said his eyes flickering to Louis then back to me quickly.

"Unexpected? Mate, you made it to your morning class on time?" I ask chuckling.

"No. I found out something about Louis." 

Louis scoffed, and looked at me with a smile on his face. "Not what I told you. He already knew that. What I told him today was supposed to be between us. Harry I swear I'll bite you." Louis said looking at Harry through the rearview. 

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