JUNHOE✖Healed by him

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I turned right, going to the gym's hallway with my five books on my flawless hands. I don't know but I still can't forget about that break-up-fight scene with my long-time boyfriend yesterday.

Guys, boys, men, are all the same. Their promises and vows for the girl they used to love is meant to be broken. Because of what happened to me yesterday, I already hate guys. ISTG.

I was about to enter my room when someone bumped me.

"Ouch." I massaged my forehead. This scene is such cliché right? I also met my ex-boyfriend in a bumping kind of situation. As I open my eyes, I get my scattered books.

"Sorry miss. Are you okay?" I looked at the unknown guy who just bumped me. He's also around my age. He has a brown-black hair.

"I'm fine. Cause I'm used of getting hurt." He's expression turned into confusion.

"What?" I rolled my eyes and stood up. I really don't have time to talk to stupid guys. Like this guy who just bumped me. Doesn't he have eyes?

"Nevermind. Get off my sight." I passed by him and entered my classroom.

"What's with the face ______? Would you like me to help you move on with---"

"Don't... mention his name in front of me." I pointed her filthy mouth. She just raised her shoulder and looked at me.

"I don't know that he's such a womanizer. Didn't expect that." My bestfriend said.

"Neither do I." Rolling my eyes again, I scanned my notes through my notebook.

"Before you went in here in the room, I just saw you talking to a cute guy. Who's that?" Her eyes are sparkling. Well, she's a guy hunter.

"I don't know and I don't care. I don't even know him." She pouted. As if she looks so beautiful while pouting -_-

"Oh my I want to know him! She's so handsome bestie!" She shook my shoulder. I just looked at her with my what-the-frog-are-you-doing look.

"Ew. Stop it. Guys are no good for us, girls." I pushed her slightly.

"Not all guys are the same." She murmured.

"Yes they are." I protested. She said something but I ignored her. I don't care about those facts about guys. Cause all I know is that they are all heartbreakers. Period.


"Hey, have you seen my friend Jane?" I asked to the cheerleaders here at the basketball court. Jane is a cheerleader here in our university.

"She already went home. Sick I guess." I was a bit surprised.

"K. Thanks." I walked away from them, leaving the basketball court. I can't believe she got sick. She's so active yesterday.

I passed the guys locker room. Geez, guys again.

When my is tilting, looking at their locker room, I bumped onto someone again. Again.

"You again?" We said in chorus. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes.

"Why are you so peevish?" He smiled, but it seems like he's teasing me.

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