First time you went all the way. (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: You cautiously knocked on his door, you knew it was late. You knew what you were doing was wrong, but you were scared.

"Joffrey it's me." You whisper as you hear footsteps trail to the door.

"(Y/N), what are you doing here, it's late, we could be caught." He pulls you inside and locks the door before you hug him.

"I was scared Joffrey, I had a nightmare. I had nowhere else to turn." After he got over the initial shock of you cry into his chest and put his hand on your cheeks and dried your tears before kissing you passionately.

"Come to bed with me, darling. You can feel safe with me." You jumped onto his bed and crawled under the covers as you tried to close your eyes. But you couldn't when you heard his shirt and trousers drop to the floor as he got into bed with you.

"W-wait, what are you doing." He says nothing and pins you to the bed and rips off your thin nightgown.

"I said you were coming to bed with me, what did you expect. Cuddling? That's not the man I am (Y/N), it's time you learned that." He whispers in your ear as he grips your hips tightly and spreads your legs.

Let's just say it was a rough night that you did not expect. But that doesn't mean you didn't like it.

Khal Drogo: The Khal was a simple man with simple wishes, he wanted a pretty young girl to call his.

You were now his by law and you didn't know how you felt about it when you and him road off to your wedding bed.

You didn't speak darthraki so you didn't know how to say yes or no to him. You just let him do, but you were very nervous. He was big and strong and could pick you up and take advantage of you very easily. That's just what he liked.

Your wedding night started out awful but soon you learned how to please him. Let's just say you finished on top that night.

Jamie Lannister: You and Jamie had a thing, it was very obviously. You were in love with him.

"Jamie, would you ever marry me?" You ask as you look into his Lannister blue eyes.

"If I wasn't a knight, Y/N." He smiles and pulls you into his arms. Kissing you slowly and passionately.

You can feel his hands go up and down your back, trailing down to your bum. You blush and lay on the ground where you two where resting that night, pulling him ontop of me.

"Prove it," you whisper in his ear and kiss down his neck.

You had the best night of your life.

Jojen Reed:

 It was another night of hunting and you were quite bored and a little more passionate then usual, you began kissing his neck and he played back biting your lip it soon turned into a very passionate night.

A night you'll never forget...

Jonsnow: It was the first time he really showed his love for you and he kept saying I love you, you told him to prove himself and he did he certainly did.

At first when you kissed him running your hands down his chest he was hesitant, but when you told him to prove it he climbed on top of you pinning you down and proving he loved you.

Robb Stark: The night you were married the natural course of course when you were both carried off to his bedroom it was the bedding ceremony after all. You climbed on top being the alpha and he let you it was the best night of both of your lives.

Lets just say you found a very big surprise the next morning making him very proud...

Bran Stark: You were both nervous as hell and had never gone that far... 

But.. the timing seemed right and you went all the way gently kissing him, you wanted him to know he was yours and you loved him more then anything so you did it.

He was very nervous a lot more then you but he found it very enjoyable constantly begging for more. Which made you giggle and feel pleased that he wanted no one but you.

Tommen Baratheon: You snuck into his chambers one night first just planning to talk but.. lets just say the lion was very eager to see you.

You lost your innocence a lot earlier then planned but it  was worth it. When soon after you had your first child.

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