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"why the fuck you lying? why you always lying? mhmmm oh my god stop fucking lying." i mumbled as i read the fanfiction that was displayed on my computer screen right now, frustrated by the character inside the story.

"ohmygod, i feel so attacked right now. someone please help me." i said to myself as i placed my hand on my chest, feeling the heartbeat against my palm.

"don't- ohmygod, what the fuck you doing?!" i screamed as i continued to read the story. i was probably the only person that would make comments here and there when reading fanfics because one, i can't handle my feels ; two, the characters just make me frustrated ; three, i'm a freaking drama queen. i'm dramatic as fuck and i don't even know why when i didn't even attend acting lessons nor my dream was being an actress. probably i'm born with it, hell yeah. and lastly four, i'm living alone so nobody hears my comments.

my life's basically 24/7 = fanfics, i mean ever since i discovered fanfics i was addicted to it ; it was like a drug, and i was probably overdosed on it. but heck yeah, i don't regret anything, fanfics can make me kill time and quench my 'thirst', so why not?

"what the?" i said as i continously clicked on the 'read more' button but the contents won't load. maybe it's the wi-fi problem. i checked on my computer's wi-fi availablities, but was confused when i only found one.


what even? what the heck happened to my wi-fi?

i rushed down to my living room and checked on the cables and stuffs, but all was alright, so what the heck? i tried to on and off the switch but it wasn't working at all too.

oh god no, how am i going to survive without wi-fi?

no wi-fi means no fanfics, and no fanfics means no life. damn it.

i walked back into my room and sat down in front of my computer.

"fuck this. i'm using infiresman's wi-fi. what the heck wi-fi name is that even?"

i clicked on the wi-fi, and it flashes me a box to type the password.

dang it, i don't have the password.

"let's just try my luck then." i whispered as i typed a password.


okay, i was just anyhow typing passwords. maybe i could get it correct or something.


urgh, damn it.

i typed another one.


the same words flashed across my computer screen.

damn it, i can't think of anymore passwords. but, who the heck's wi-fi is this?

there could be only one person's wi-fi it is, the is only one person who was near to me.

my neighbour.


hiii everyone! this is my first story ever that i published on wattpad. so sorry if my writing's a bit crappy this is my first time writing xD

as you can see, there will be a lot of vulgarities in this story lol.

each chapter will be quite short since this is a short story c:

i hope you will enjoy this story! xx

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