I'm home

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The doctor said that I could go to school in a few days. So when we got to his house he got out and walked to my side to help me. I have some pretty major bruising and cuts but mostly on my face. My side still hurts and it's kinda hard to walk. Josh picked me up bridal style and walked me to the couch. I sat here most of the day, Jamie loves it here. I hear her and Bailee giggling, running up and down the stairs and running around laughing until bath time.  When I got sleepy, Josh offered me his bed for the night, and he would sleep on the carpet with a air mattress, a pillow and blanket. He helped me stand up and helped me up to his bedroom. He offered me some of his clothes to sleep in, I grabbed the clothes and took my shirt off, I put the shirt he gave me on and it went a little above my knee. I slipped my pants off and put his on, I tightened them up enough so they won't fall off, but not so much it hurt. I lied down in his bed, he was about to leave. "Wait, Josh, will you sleep with me tonight?" He smiled and got in bed.

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