Chapter 1

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(Helena's POV)

"What are you doing?! Let go of me!" I screamed at him as I tried to free myself from his vice-like grip. Tears streamed down on my cheeks as he pinned me on the king sized bed in this unfamiliar bedroom.

"You are mine, Helena." Lightning cracked the dark skies outside the huge window, illuminating his handsome but cruel features. His bloodshot eyes looked at me with lust. He bent his head and pressed his lips on mine...

Seven months earlier....


Ugh! I groaned as I stopped my damned alarm clock. I stood up and got out of my small bed lazily. I stretched out my arms and grunted.

Today is the day that I dreaded the most. First day of my last year at senior high. Another set of subjects but still the same faces. Old permissive teachers and old cruel classmates. Still the same cruel jokes that they play upon the weirdo freak, Helena Blackthorn- that's me.

I entered my bathroom and had a quick cold shower to awaken my body system. I put on a long sleeved black shirt and put a gray hoodie over it and floral skirt that reaches my ankles. brushed my unruly brown hair that reaches my waist while looking at the large mirror on my wall. I looked at my chocolate brown eyes underneath my plastic rimmed oversized glasses. I know I look stupid but I don't care. I don't give much fuss about my physical appearance anyway.

I slung my heavy backpack on one shoulder and ran down the stairs. I entered the kitchen and found my mother dozing on the kitchen table in front of her now freezing black coffee and uneaten pancakes. She suddenly raised her head and looked at me blearily.

"Good morning, sweetie." She yawned.

"Morning mum. Tiring night at the hospital?" I asked.

"Yes. A string of vehicular accidents happened nearby and the emergency room had been in chaos. All the doctors and nurses don't know what to do first." She laughed. "And here I am, thinking that being a nurse is all about caring for an old or sick patient. I never thought I have to work overtime just to buy groceries..." She groaned. "If only your stupid dad never left us for that woman..."

"Stop whining." I said and poured myself some coffee from the maker. I drank it and grimaced. "Instant coffee." I groaned.

"Sorry, sweetie. Were out of stock." She smiled sheepishly.

"I'm going." I said and made my way to the front door of our tiny apartment

"You haven't eaten your breakfast, Helena!" She shouted.

"I don't do breakfast, mom." I groaned and shut the door.

Thirty minutes later later....

"Get out of my way, freak." Julian Ashcroft, the only son of the local department store owner, and unfortunately, my personal bully and classmate pushed me aside while I was walking on the crowded hallway. I fell down with and landed on my butt painfully. The students around us just laughed and no one attempted to help me. I mentally rolled my eyes. Who would want to help a weirdo? I stood up and glared at him.

Julian may be as beautiful as an angel but he is a demon deep down. He has blond hair and stormy gray eyes which made him famous with girls and gays alike. That, along with the fact that he is extremely rich and lives on a huge mansion made him a bully, a jerk and a playboy.

"Forget about her, Julian." Riley Keenan, Jacksonville cheer leading captain and his current flavor of the day sneered at me and put her arms around him. I dully noted that most of the people surrounding them are members of the cheering squad and Basketball team. She kissed him passionately and the people around them cheered as if they were movie stars.

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