Chapter 19

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[ Zania's POV ]

I looked around, seeing Leviathans surrounding me. I laid on a bed-like, my arm and feet tied. They looked at me with their hideous faces.

I screamed.

The ropes that were tied on me burned off into pieces. I jumped up and put my back against the wall. The Leviathans came closer, making hasty noises.

I balled up a fire sphere and threw it at them.

They dodged it.

"Get away from me!" I yelled. One stepped close, and I punched and kicked it. It fell to the floor. Another came. I grabbed its wrist, burning it. It squealed and so I elbowed its face. It fell to the floor. A bunch more Leviathans came to me.

"Get away!" I demanded.

"Stop fighting us," one spoke.

I leaned against the wall, frightened.

I balled up a bigger fire flame from my palm.

"Stop!" one shouted.

The Leviathans voices seemed different. But that didn't matter.

I made the flame bigger.

As I began ready to toss it at the Leviathans, a voice yelled, "Zania!"

It sounded like Lokis'.

I began confused. My heart raced.

The Leviathan that sounded like Loki came to me.

"Don't!" I warned.

"Zania, its me," it spoke gently.

I started to become confused.

Finally the Leviathan reached me and held my face in its hands.

A tear ran down my face. "No, stop," I pleaded.

"Its me, Zania," it spoke.

Then suddenly I blinked.

Loki's face was close to mine. I looked into his beautiful green eyes. His hands cupping my face. I catiously let my flame from my palms die out. I looked behind him, seeing Odin, Frigga, Thor, and his friends. Two guards laid unconscious on the ground.

I looked back at Loki's face.

"Loki?" I ask.

"You're okay, you're alive," he spoke.

I was alive? I was confused.

I couldn't speak.

All I did was hug Loki. He held me tightly.

"The only explanation for Zania's survival is that one of your parents put a Protector Field around you. Meaning that when Leviathans touch your mark, you will only be affected and not killed," Odin explained. After a while of happiness that I was alive, I sat on the bed as Odin continued examining me.

"But I died," I spoke.

"Yes, you did. But the Field around you must've cured you and brought you back," he said. I didn't remember any of my parents putting a Protector Field around me. Probably when I was younger.

"You look healthier," Thor spoke.

I gave him a smile.

But then my smile weakened as I ask, "And Faytum?"

"We've killed every Leviathan that we could find. I'm not sure if there's anymore in hiding," Thor said.

So IF all Leviathans were killed, then Faytum was left an abandoned realm. Then I remembered my father. Him being killed right in front of me.

"Zania," Odin spoke, "If you'd like, I'd like to make you a citizen of Asgard."

I was shocked. "What?" I asked.

"Father?" Thor asked also.

"I have grown to like you, Zania. You are a part of us," Odin spoke.

"Are you sure? I have put your family in danger-"

"Nonsense! Danger is everywhere, darling," Frigga said.

"What do you say?" Thor asked, happily.

I looked at all of them. It was like they were my family now.

I looked at Loki. I scoffed.

Loki grinned at me.

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