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[WARNING] Contains Mature Content

Today was the standard boring type of day. I woke up at dawn for a radio show then I ate breakfast in the car as we went from photo-shoot to photo-shoot, five interviews after then a fifteen minute lunch. Followed by several special appearances on a bunch of dumb sh*t talk shows and a 'meet & greet" with fans. I was f*cking tired. I walked to my condo with a migraine that just won't give up. All I wanted was to die on my bed, hell the foyer sounded like a better idea. I took out my keys, and swore as I dropped them. When I finally got inside, I froze. Today was not my lucky day. "Vera..." I muttered.

I was hoping she wasn't going to be here today. Of all the days in the three months she disappeared, why did she have to pick the single time, I didn't want to see her. Vera was the woman I hated the most. She was an ambitious slut. I'm fond of her, but I won't lie about who she is because she's an evil conniving b*tch. I met her four years ago, when she was just a newbie model without a single cent to her name.

She was innocent and kind that is until she got what she wanted. She used my name and got to where she is today. And she still wasn't satisfied, she comes to me once in a while because she says that she hasn't met a man yet that can beat me in bed. I tried to hate her, but I can't. Call me a fool or an idiot. I don't care I do what I want.

She came closer to me, her hips swaying while her long brown hair flowed onto her shoulders. She had a nice body, no doubt about that and her face was just perfect in every way. She looked like an angel, but she had the heart of the devil. "Night" she purred and locked me in an embrace. I pulled her off me, "Not today, Vera. I'm tired." She frowned, "I haven't seen you for so long and this is how you greet me?" she fumed. "Well whose fault was that?!" I scowled. "And give me back my keys, Vera."

She smirked at me and draped her arms around my shoulders, "Why haven't you changed the keys instead? Isn't because you're actually looking forward to the times I surprise you when you come home?"

"You're wrong!" I growled and walked away from her. She laughed and started stripping pieces of her outfit off. She began with her scarf then her coat; she unzipped her dress, letting it fall around her high black platform heels. She was in her lacy underwear with stocking and garter straps. Damn she was hot. "I know you want this, Night" she waved over her body.

Dammit all to hell! I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. Her legs locked around me. She grabbed my face and started her assault on my mouth. I kissed her back while ripping her thong off. I broke our kiss and plunged my throbbing member inside of her. "Here" I hissed. "Isn't this what you wanted?" I started roughly thrusting into her, my hands grabbing her thighs. I didn't care about her pleasure as my thrusts were rough and fierce. She was clawing my back, great I have a photo-shoot tomorrow, how am I gonna explain the marks.

I felt her insides twitching, she's near. I smirked and pulled out. She groaned, "Why did you do that?!" she hissed. I smirked at her, "I won't let you come so easily" I say as I bite her ear. She likes it rough and I'm the only one who can give it to her. I carried her to the sofa and laid her down gently. Now the fun begins.

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