Chapter 5: Attacked

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~Chapter 5: Attacked ~

Kenneth had tackled Blake to the ground, and the hit the ground with a loud thud. I couldn't help let out a laugh. "Man, get off of me!" Blake growled at Kenneth. Kenneth grinned and stood up.

Ivan chuckled while helping Blake up. "It looked like it hurt. You okay?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah but I think I'm going to have major bruise in the morning." Blake glared a Kenneth, and Kenneth looked away as if he didn't see it.

Ivan then turned to me and smiled. "Sasha this is my girlfriend, Jewel Mitchells and her friend Kalyn Rodriguez. Jewel, Kalyn. Meet Sasha Fox, she is Valentina's friend's niece."

"Hello." I smiled, I looked at Jewel, her strawberry curls hung in ringlets around her small face, her doll like eyes, glared at me slightly, she is tall but shorter than me by an inch, as she stood next to Ivan his skin looked really pale, compared to her tan bronzed skin. Kalyn's long dark brown wavy hair framed her small pale face perfectly, her light brown eyes observant. I wonder why Kalyn was friends with Jewel. Kalyn looks really smart while Jewel does not, but I guess you can't chose who you click with.

By now I knew what Vampires, Werewolves and Fairies smell like, and I can tell them apart. Kalyn and Jewel were definitely werewolves.

"Hi, Sasha. It's nice to meet you. So how are you like Blackrose Village?" Kalyn asked kindly, she glanced briefly at Jewel who was still giving me the evil eye, thinking I was a threat and would take Ivan away from her. I won't and never will do that, I don't like him in that way, but I think Ivan could do better than Jewel. I don't really trust her, but maybe it's because she's glaring at me.

Kalyn sensed Jewel's hate towards me and rolled her eyes knowing that I was not a threat. Kalyn turned her attention back to me. I nodded. "I like it here very well, I know understand why I was stronger than the other kids." I said.

Kalyn nodded. "I know how you feel, not belong some place and always getting into trouble. Most of us grew up here, but some of us, like me and you, grew up in the human realm." Kalyn smiled.

I laughed. "I got into trouble a lot."

Kalyn chuckled. "Me too."

Just then there was to bangs, the sound of guns. Birds shrieked and flew away, everything was silent. The smiled that were on our faces now gone.

"What was that!?" Jewel squeaked.

Kalyn face looked angry but clam. "Hunters." Kalyn whispered.

Just then the weapon shack door creaked open, we all spun around startled. There was a women standing there. "Becca, you scared us!" Blake took a deep breath.

Becca smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. Come I need to show you something." Everyone walked into the weapon shack quietly.

I then got a good look at Becca, her long curly hair was dyed blue, her round purple eyes full of intelligence, the white shirt she was wearing was just a little whiter than her very pale skin. I couldn't help ask. "Are you related to Sophie?"

Becca laughed. "Sophie Behan, no, but I wouldn't mind if I was."

"So what was it you wanted to show us?" Asked Kenneth.

Becca's face then turned serious. "Follow me." Becca said head up to the loft to look out the window to get a better look at the village, but I didn't move. I was too busy look at the weapons on the walls. All types of weapons, were hung on the walls, in one section on the far left, Medieval Daggers and Knives, in the section next to them, Swords, in the next section, Blunt or Cleaving Weapons, next to them was, Spear and other Polearm and Poleaxes Weapons, next to them was, Ranged Weapons and something I have never seen before. I know a lot about weapons, because Uncle Louis has a love for them. There were no guns on the walls and the puzzled me. "Sasha, you coming?" Ivan asked touching my shoulder.

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