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You never expect death. It comes at a certain time, a certain place. And it just so happens that death comes to anyone. People you love, hate, never knew. Death is a nightmare, something everyone fears. No one wishes to die and no one expects their loved ones to die.

Shannon Abigail Glenns never did.

It was a normal day for her. Just a regular day of playing, being with her family. She was seven years old and enjoyed playing a lot. She never expected the unexpected, but no one could blame her. Fate and fate only decided the future.

She woke up, her usual energized self. Eagerly, she brushed her teeth and got ready for the day all by herself. She was going to show her mother what a big girl she is now.

Giggling quietly to herself, she tiptoed downstairs, planning her next move. A plan which was to make breakfast. And a very, special, sophisticated one. 

Cereal and orange juice.

Shannon was going to make her mother proud. She wanted to see her bright smile as she patted her daughter on the head. She wanted to hear words of praise from her mother's mouth.

Making sure she was careful and extra quiet, she used all her strength, as much as a seven year old could, to pick up the chair without dragging it and placed it near the counter top.

She climbed on the counter top and opened up the cabinet to where the cereal was. With a small huff, Shannon placed it on the counter and closed the cabinet.

This time, she dragged the chair to the next cabinet and climbed onto the counter top once again. She got out a bowl for herself and remembering to be quiet, like a hero in her book would, she climbed down until she was standing on the chair.

That took a lot of work, she thought to herself. She wiped away imaginary sweat and dragged the chair back to the table, ignoring the awful screeching noise.

Shannon wobbled over to the counter and clenched the cereal and the bowl in her tiny hands. Smiling at a job well done, she walked back to the table and climbed onto her chair. She poured out the cereal into the bowl and pushed the box away from her space.

"Honey, what are you doing?" 

Shannon grinned sheepishly at her mom who just entered the kitchen with her baby sister in her arms. Lea, who was only three months old. She was beautiful to Shannon who treasured her deeply. Lea looked just like her and their mother with their blonde hair and blue, gray eyes.

"I made breakfast for me. I didn't finish getting the orange juice, though." Shannon blushed as her mother smiled at her. She walked to the fridge, still carrying Lea, but managed to get out the orange juice. Shannon watched as her mother made her way to a different cabinet, getting out a cup.

Her mother placed the cup and juice in front of Shannon. "There. Now, you pour it." Shannon clapped her hands, and with both hands, poured the juice into her cup. She gave a thumbs up to her mother, signaling that all is good.

Shannon brought the cup to her lips, taking in a little of it before wiping her mouth with her sleeves. "Ah. Good mommy."

Her mother laughed and sat down next to her. Lea squirmed a little but remained with her eyes closed. "Good. Eat your breakfast now. You can play in the backyard after. I have some cooking to do."

Shannon nodded, being the obedient daughter her mother loves. She would do anything for her mother's approval. Then again, who wouldn't? Everyone wants to be loved and in Shannon's little life experience, her wish came true. She was loved by Lea and her mother. That was all she could ask for and nothing could change her mind.

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