Truth Or Dare- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“I’m bored”, Liam complained after the movie ended. It was a typical Friday night, and the boys and I were all hanging out at Harry’s flat. After numerous “What do you wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”’s, Niall cheekily suggested a game of truth or dare. The boys agreed, and so I reluctantly did as well. We arranged ourselves in a circle on the floor, with me sat next to Harry. I had the biggest crush on Harry, and I had since the first day we met, inevitably so. How can you not fall for those gorgeous curls and killer dimples? However, I did not want to make things awkward between us, so I always suppressed my feelings. I had a feeling, though, that the other boys had caught on after a while, being that I could never control my blushing face and girly giggle whenever Harry so much as glanced at me.

The game, as it usually does, started off with innocent and trivial dares and confessions. After a while, however, the game became a bit more intense. I leaned on Harry, and he played with my hair as I sleepily tried to pay attention to my surroundings.

“(Y/N), truth or dare?” Liam asked. I sat up, blushing.

“Dare”, I boldly replied. Liam and Niall snuck a few glances at each other before Niall finally spoke up,

“I dare you to kiss Harry until we say stop”, Niall smirked. I gasped, looking up at Harry with a flushed face, not meeting his eyes.

“No”, I mumbled back to Niall.

“It’s a dare, (Y/N), you can’t just say no,” Louis smirked.

I decided to cast my inhibitions to the side. I turned my body to face Harry’s, and glanced down at his lips. My eyes then fluttered closed as Harry’s lips neared closer to mine. The kiss was nice, sweet and gentle, until Harry’s tongue peeked out asking for entrance. I obliged, and we began to make out. I completely forgot about the dare at that moment and got lost in the kiss. My hands flew up to Harry’s hair as his flew to my hips. He let out a grunt as I gently nibbled on his bottom lip. The groan snapped me back to reality, hearing the boys wolf-whistling and telling us that we could’ve stopped a while back. I pulled away blushing, and moved a bit away from Harry, slightly embarrassed. I tried to brush it off and focus back on the game, but the boys decided that the game was over now. The boys and I began to walk to the door, but as I reached it, Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back into his flat. No one else noticed, and I shut the door and walked with Harry back to his living room.


“It’s okay Harry, it was just a dare. It doesn’t have to affect our friendship or anythin-” I tried to reason, until I was cut off by Harry’s lips once again. This time, however, the kiss was a bit more rough and needy.

“I’ve liked you for so long, (Y/N), I don’t regret that kiss and I won’t regret any future ones.” I stood there shocked and speechless, my eyes unable to connect with his.

“It’s fine, I get it, you just want to be friends, I’m sorry for being complicated,” Harry mumbled. He turned to walk away, but this time, it was me who pulled him back.

“Harry, stop. I like you too, and I don’t regret those kisses, nor will I regret anything else we may do,” I hinted. The sudden burst of confidence surprised me just as much as Harry, but he smirked and we continued our kiss. Harry began to run his hands up and down my sides, eventually reaching under my shirt to rub circles on my hip. I moaned, and tangled my fingers in his hair.

“Jump, baby”, Harry drawled. I wrapped my legs around him, and he carried us to his bedroom. Laying me softly on the bed, Harry moved down to my neck, gently sucking and kissing. I moaned when he went below my ear, feeling him smirk against my skin. He sat me up and removed my shirt, and then removed his own. He continued to move down my body, reaching the waistband of my jeans.