The Drawing- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“I was watching Titanic and I was thinking, someone should do one with Harry (or any boy really) where he draws her naked and then they end up having sex. This would complete my life, so if someone could do this, I will love you forever<3”

My fingers ran down the soft texture of the drawing paper as I stared at each work of art. Each detail and every curve of the people in these pictures were accented tremendously. I didn’t know much about art, but I knew that Harry was good at it.

“Y/N?” he called my name as he opened the door to the apartment. Ultimately, he made his way back to the bedroom, where I was on the floor looking at the drawings he had hidden from me. “Why haven’t you ever shown these to me?”

He sighed. “I don’t know, I thought I was never good at them.”

“You can’t be kidding Harry these are amazing.” I looked up at him, his long legs covered by black skinny jeans, his chest bearing a v-neck t-shirt. He sat himself down, and wrapped an arm around me.”

I turned the page to a familiar face. “Is that Gemma?” 

“Yeah,” he answered. “I think she was about nineteen when I drew it.”

I traced my fingers around the cheeks of her face. I’d never seen anything look this realistic other than digital pictures.

Harry began to trace circles into my back with his thumb. “You know, I mostly draw things when I find something vitally important in my life.”

I looked into his jade -colored eyes and he stared back at me with a gleaming interest.

“Why don’t you let me draw you?” he asked. I was about to light up with excitement, but I held it down. “How could I say no?”

He smirked. “Well since your so willing to let me draw you, let me draw you the way I know you best.”

I instantly caught on to what he meant. I didn’t want him to draw me like that. I mean my body wasn’t fit, and I just wasn’t pretty enough.

As if he could read my thoughts he spoke. “I couldn’t think of any better way to draw you. I don’t care if you think bad of yourself, I think your gorgeous.” his lips pecked my cheek in assurance.

I finally agreed, thankful that it would only be seen by him.

He left the room with the journal to go and set up the “scene”. I slowly began to undress myself, regretting each article of clothing that I set on the floor. I was always so ashamed of my body, but Harry always told me otherwise. I never really believed him, and I was almost depressed of the fact I was going to see my natural body realistically through his eyes.

I wrapped myself in a robe before stepping out into the living room. The curtains had been closed, and the light had been reduced to only the lighting fixture on the ceiling.

“It’s so dark.” I mentioned.

“It’s so that i could capture the shadows on you correctly.” he sat in the loveseat across from the teal colored couch. He had pulled the small corner table to draw on in front of him. The couch was nearly normal except for the purple orchid that had been laid for decoration.

“Sit on the couch and we’ll go from there.” he nodded for me to take off the robe.

Nervously, I revealed my shoulders and uncovered the rest of my body. Harry was touching his cellphone before he took a good glimpse of me up and down, and licked his lips. Since I had no idea of what to think of his reaction, I sat on the couch.

“Put your arm on the armrest like this,” he modeled. “Then take your other hand and interlock your fingers… good good, then rest your head on your shoulder.”

He continued to direct me until I was fully posed. He got up to fix a few things himself; messing with my hair, and putting the flower in front of my body on the open space of the couch.

“Okay one more thing.” he took out his phone and snapped a picture of me. Before I had time to object, he picked up the pencil and told me to keep my eyes on him.

He used his fingers to drag long traces on the paper. Probably making a template to draw the rest.

“You know my name is Violet, but you gave me an orchid flower.” I said. 

He laughed, “that’s true. But try not to talk.” 

A few moments later, he told me I could rest the upper half of my body and I decided to close my eyes.

“Don’t go to sleep on me, love. I want you to be excited when you see the finished product.” 

“I am, I really am.” I admitted. It was going to be an interesting how his eyes transferred me to paper.

Thirty minutes had passed, and he was shading on the page. Moving his fingers to smear last things on the page he blew off the erasure shavings, and held it up to better examine. 

“I’m done.” he whispered. I gathered the robe and put it back on before going to look at the drawing. 

I was taken aback by surprise. My body looked glorious positioned the way that I was. Every part of my body was drawn so pristine it was like looking in a mirror. Except this time, I didn’t feel like ugly trash looking in the mirror. It was so incredible, in fact, it was almost too good to be true. 

“You had to have altered it somehow.” I told him. 

“I knew you’d say something like that.” he took his phone and opened it with the pass code, to his camera roll. He pressed the picture of me that he took earlier. “If you think that I changed your beauty, compare these and tell me how.”

Everything was exactly same. He drew like he saw. I was… pretty.

It’s a shame that it took this much for you to realize how beautiful you are.” He told me as he took a loose strand of my hair and put it behind my ear.

I turned around and put my hands on his broad shoulders, to pull him closer to my lips. He accepted me, lashing his tongue to mine carefully. His palms covered the majority of my back, which eventually made it down to my ass. He squeezed my bottom side, getting moans to escape from my lips.

“Why the hell am I still in this thing?” I asked him as I looked down to the covering.

He smirked before pulling my thigh to wrap around him. The other one creeped up his body and started carrying me to the bed in the other room.

As soon as he dropped me on the bed he ripped the shirt from his body fast. He was between the my legs in a second, kissing my lips once more. He pulled open the robe and putting his thumbs over the hardened stubs of my breasts. He took his time before using his tongue to swirl around them. My hips protruded forward due to all the frenzy going on above. My breath sharpened when Harry had used his finger to find my clit and rub it in slow wanton circles. Moisture from between my legs had formed easily, and Harry had no problems slipping his finger into me. It curled and I had to search for something to hold onto.

“Harry please don’t tease me like this.” I needed him in me, right then and there.

As much as he loved to have me beg he actually followed my request. He leaned down to position himself and then to remove the rest of his clothing.

”Your really fit Y/N, and you know it.” he whispered in my ear seductively. “And it just makes me want you so, so bad babe.

He slid himself into me hitching my breath for a few seconds. He jerked his hips back and forth.

“Oh my God… fuck.” I couldn’t help the words I said. “Harder.”

He pounded himself wondrously, hitting exactly where I wanted with those few strokes. “Right there, yes!”

He slowed down, still hitting me hard but this had a lasting effect, each stroke memorable.

I was riding close to the edge and I let Harry know before my legs tensed up around him. He to had a look on his face that read his climax was coming. But he just had to make me go first. “Just let go babe.” his hoarse voice whispered. 
I closed my eyes as my body trembled with pleasure. I had to scream because I had met maximum pleasure.

After watching me, he finished himself and jerked off until his warm and creamy liquid was on my stomach. He almost looked embarrassed, as he used a finger to wipe it off me. But I pulled his finger towards me and enveloped them with my lips.

When I had finished, and Harry’s breath had calmed down he said one last thing to me.

“Drawing you is not half as fun as fucking you.”

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