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"How do you know it?" I told him

"I just do, okay? Have some faith in yourself. We can still keep in contact, you know? Like in movies when somebody leaves, and they sent letters to the person they left. Well that's what we are going to do"

"You promise?"

"I do"

"Okay then, I would better start packing, see you later Jack"

"See you later Jade"

After 6 years I have never seen or heard from Jack again. I have lived in 7 different countries after England, and I have received zero letters from Jack after the 20 letters I sent him. I always wrote him my new address and how things were going, but when we started changing our address so much, I stopped sending them. I guess he didn't believed in promises.

So here you have me. I'm Jade by the way, I am 17 years old, and I love to do all kind of stuff like: singing, writing lyrics, reading, and doing all kind of exercises. (When I'm not getting drunk)

But I really think that I do all this kind of stuff because I don't have friends. I move from country to country so much because of my dad's work, (between you and me, I think he is like a drug dealer or something. He is always at his office at a really nice building with a lot of security, and a lot of dangerous looking people works for him)

I have been thinking in going to the police and say something about my dad, and as easy as that another family could adopt me. After that I could stay in one little town in a nice little house with a dog, but I can't do that. My mom already left us, I can't do that to what remains of my family.

I know he is not always around. I mean, I almost have this huge house for myself, (House number 24 btw, I think I should stop counting it's not like this is the last one) with all kinds of expensive stuff to decorate it. Just to be thrown away when we are ready to move to the next one, but I do love changing my cars.

Right now we are living in Boston and I have a really nice black Range Rover with black leather seats.

Tomorrow I start at a new school, a private one. My dad is always searching for this kind of schools for me; with a lot of protection and surveillance. I think tomorrow's one is called St. Jude or some saint. Whatever, it's not like I'm going to be there for more than 3 months so it's not that important.

I love that I don't have to wear uniforms because I love wearing my pair of jeans and big shirts with a pair of converse. It's not like I don't like my body or that I don't think that I'm good looking, I really do.

I'm like 5'8; I'm curvy in all the right places. I have natural tanned skin with big blue eyes and black long hair with natural waves and of course my Angelina Jolie lips. I don't need make up I have perfect skin (you can start hating me now).

On my third school I began getting to much attention, so I started dressing like a boy and wearing a huge pair of glasses, which I don't even need.

I think you would have done the same thing in my place. I can't have friends or even a boyfriend because it would be too hard to say goodbye, so I just started being a more quiet and reserved person and it has always worked for me. I just keep hidden the "troubled girl" for my nights out.

I usually go out and get really drunk. Sometimes I don't even bother in coming back home until the next day, and most of the times I get up at some stranger's bed, with as you would have already guessed, zero clothes.

But I save that for the end of the night, as for a few hours earlier...I filled them by playing the guitar and singing my lyrics at different places on the different cities where I have lived. People love what I sing. A guy even told me to sign a contract with him so I could have a CD recorded, that I could become a huge star, and that my voice is one of the greatest he had ever heard.

I like it this way, I don't want to be famous or anything like that.

When I'm alone at my house (which means all the time) I read. A LOT, I love reading all types of romantic books for teens, you name it I have read it; about vampires, werewolves, fairies, angels, demons, normal people, about everything.

One day I found this really cool website where people write their stories and then they upload them so everybody can read them. I love seeing so many people with huge talent at writing. I mean, how can they create new worlds, with new rules where they can find their true love no matter what they are? I envy so much all the characters. I know I'm so weird, but they have so many friends and have problems which they can solve by the end of the story, obviously with the love of their lives with them till the end.

I mean, come on, these girls or characters can find their true love with a sexy vampire, with whom they will stay the rest of their lives. I can't even dream with a normal guy because, I will be leaving when we get our first kiss.

I think I love reading because I can lose myself in this stories and try to imagine that I'm her; the girl from the book and I am the one who is being saved by the blue prince.

At afternoons I enjoy to do all kind of sports, like: swimming, tae kwon do, yoga, Pilates, running, boxing or just working out at the gym. But this story is not about what I like; it is about my crazy life.

So, it was a typical day of my life. I was at my gym, which is downstairs at my new house here in Boston. I went upstairs to the kitchen to cook some macaroni with cheese for dinner and went upstairs to my room (I know, it's really sad. My dad doesn't even come for dinner; he is too busy at his work. I'm "lucky" when I see him once every two weeks. Maria the housekeeper is the one making me some company, but she only comes in the day to clean all my mess and then she goes to be with her family... stop it Jade, don't feel sorry about yourself)

So... like I was saying, I entered my room and turned on my laptop, so I could go to my favorite website to check if people have uploaded new chapters to their stories.

While I was searching; I find this new title which captures my attention, and not because it's seems like it could be an entertaining story. No, it is because it's my name, and beside it, it's tomorrow's date. I don't know what made me do it, but I clicked to open it.

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