With one click my life totally changed-- (SPY school + 3 future agents that love me = HELP!!)

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Chapter 1:

I am a normal girl, well scratch that, I WAS a normal girl.

Before all this madness, I was your typical teenage girl, you know, the type who hates authority. I hate my dad more than anybody else (not that I have a lot of people where to choose from) He is always ordering me around. (When he is around) I go to high school, and fail most of my classes.

Your usual "trouble girl". (Yep, that includes getting drunk, but I wish to mention that I have never touched a drug)

'Scout promise' (not that I'm a scout, or that I remembered most of the times I have gotten wasted).

Yeah I call THAT normal, and all this went down the toilet just a few months ago, and believe it or not it all started from a webpage. You are probably trying to guess what the hell I'm talking about.

Well let's start from the beginning, which was 6 years ago... (Totally cliché I know)

October 3rd, 2003

"I HATE YOU DAD!!! How can you do this to me?!!!"

"Stop it Jade! You're not a baby anymore. Do what I have told you to do. We can do this by the nice and simple way or...I will drag you out of this house by the end of the week. So...you better start packing your stuff if you don't want to leave them here because we are moving to England with or without them"

"I can't believe that you are doing this to me, I hate you!! Now I know why mom left us, you are a horrible human being" After that I stomped out of the living room and went to my room. I jumped into my bed and cried like a little baby. I took the phone and called Jack.


"Hey Jack, it's me Jade"

"Oh! Hi jade what's up... Hey are you crying?"

"Jack, I'm leaving"

"Awesome!! I love going on vacations, but wait... then why are you crying? You love going on vacations"

"I'm not going on vacations, Jack. I'm leaving forever to live in England" (Oh my god I can't believe this is really happening. I can't stop sobbing.)

"Wait... WHAT?!!! You can't be leaving, you are my best friend, I lo... I mean... I can't be without you. What am I supposed to do at school and after school" (Was he going to say that he loved me? NAHH! He is like my brother; we have been best friends since kindergarten when I arrived at LA)


It was my third day at KG, all the other kids were outside eating their lunch, and my mom as always had forgotten mine, so I was just sitting there watching the beautiful grass and then suddenly I saw a little boy who was being bullied by the biggest kid I have ever seen, I got up and put myself between the bully and the little kid.

"Move little girl, I want his lunch"

I kicked the bully on his leg and he started crying and ran away (pff. What a baby) I turned around and the boy stood up and gave me an evil glare.

"I can defend myself" he says

"I know, I was just trying to be nice"

"Oh! Thanks... so do you want one of my cookies?"


"My name is Jack. And yours?"


----------------------- End flashback

After that we sat together every day in class and at lunch. I told him everything about me, about my family and my problems, and he has always been there for me... until now.

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