one crow sorrow two crows joy

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one crow sorrow two crows joy

for joy hendrickson-turner

green in the hills

like lines in a long & sensuous poem

each one a careful reflection of the next

sisters walking & something about crows & sand & clams & black bear beach, about rapid rivers & rivers wide as lakes. these were the beauties for us, the peace. the sand from the beach, coarse & hot & cleans the feet in seconds. acorns from a grandmother oak, leaves bigger than men's hands. those great trees, the oaks & the maples & the white pines, growing in our backyard, our schoolyard & us playing marbles in the sand, making necklaces from pine needles, elegant & long. climbing trees. hiding in the bushes. kick the can all the way through to the big kids' school.

we've walked together in all weather

in blizzards, laughing in the cold

in hail, running for shelter

in the company of birds

crows & hawks & ravens

magpies & whiskeyjacks & geese

osprey in the hot, hot sun

& chickadees in the bitter cold

we've walked through the chill of our childhoods

& into a prairie meadow

filled with the healing power of sage

of sweetgrass all around

& there your beauty

is intensified by your smile

your most excellent sense of humour

I remember when you were born

your smell after coming home from hospital

the smell of new life

of what joy can mean

in an embodied way

if I were to express my love for you, I would walk with you on the side of a mountain, the snow deep & us pumping our way from camera to tree, camera to tree, trying to take a photo, our footprints deep & slow & our laughter all around. the air there, in those mountains, has a quality that's hard to describe - an intelligence & a voice, a story. & the two mountains with us in the photo, like sisters reflected in each other's home.

high on a mountain


where a single moment

is worth more

in that instant

than years of not knowing

she is reading her blanket with her hands

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