Chapter 10

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(Anna's P.O.V)

Finally it's Friday the eek seemed to go by fast, Also Nate is going to sing in front of the class for our project. He still won't let me hear the music for it for some odd reason. Anyway this weekend one of my old friends and her boyfriend are visiting so I was excited to get out of here. People like to come visit during the weekend but hey gives me something to do. I get dressed for school in a pair of black jeans and a light green shirt and my red high tops. I should really go get new shoes soon maybe this weekend with my friends. I grab my hoodie and walk to the car. "Hey Anna." Hunter says. "Hey Hunter." I say getting into the car. We see Nate walking over then Hunter gets in the car. "Hey Nate." I say putting my seat belt on. "Hey Anna, ready for 7th?" he asks sitting in the back seat. "Yeah, cant wait to hear the song." I say. "Oh yeah you two have that protect." Hunter says staring the car. 

After like 30 minuets we get to school and I go to find Arianna. "Hey Arianna." I say walking up to her. "Hey Anna." she says sitting by the tree. "What have you been up to?" I ask sitting next to her. "Nothing much, you?" she says. "Same, me and Nate have a project due today in 7th." I say looking at my phone. "Oh is that a good thing?" she asks me. "I guess, it's just a song." I say putting my phone away. "Did you and Nate ever talk during the first few year of high school?" she asks me. "Well he must have called like a thousand times, but I never answered." I say looking at the ground. "Oh well are you happy to be friends with him again?" she asks. Why was she asking so many things, it's not annoying it's just out of nowhere. "I guess but we are not as close as we use to be." I say. Then the bell rings, "Hey I will see you later." She says then walks to her class. I walk to class and sit down. Soon enough Nate walks in and sits next to me. The teacher starts giving the lesson and I space out thinking. 

What would my life be like if Nate would have stayed the same. I use to have feelings for Nate so many. I always felt like he did to guess I was wrong huh. I honestly have never heard Nate sing now that I think about it, guess this was going to be the first time. All me and Nate ever did as kids was play video games and stuff like that, I mean he can play instruments pretty good so I was not worried about the music. I hear a snapping sound in front of my face, then see that it was Nate. "Anna come on." I hear him say. "Oh what?" I ask him standing up. "You spaced out for the whole class." he says laughing a bit. "Oh really." I say grabbing mt bag and walk out. The whole day kinda went by fast than 7th came along. I was kinda nervous, I hope Nate did't do anything stupid. We get to class and I take my seat and Nate gives the teacher a USB drive, which I assume has the music on it. "Okay class before we do anything we will be going to the auditorium for a performance from a fellow student." The teacher says then and we all walk to the auditorium. I was walking with Nate and once we got to there he said he was going to use the restroom. I go sit in the front row with Arianna and Mat they looked like they where up to something. "Hey Anna!" Mat says very happy. "Why are you so happy?" I ask him sitting down. "You will see." Arianna says. Wait what dose she mean by that. I got to ask her but lights go dim and a spot light shines on the stage. "Okay today a student will be giving us a live performance." The principle says into the mic. Then a guy walks to the stage and sits on a stool. I look at him a realize it's Nate. "Hello my name is Nathan Smith and I will be singing a song I dedicate to my partner in 7th." He says. "Nate?" I say puzzled. Nate looks at me and smiles then the music starts playing. This was going to be the first time I have ever heard him sing. Then it starts.. (Play song now)

 *After the song*

Once Nate was done everyone started clapping. Then the bell rings to go home, Nate walks off the stage and over to me, Arianna and Mat have already left leaving me and Nate. "Nate that was awesome." I say. "Thanks I guess I wanted some way of telling you I am sorry and music was my way of doing it." He says laughing a bit. "Well I forgive you." I say messing up his hair. We walk to the car and see Hunter. "Nate that was an awesome performance." Hunter says after we get in the car. "Thanks man." He says. We drive home and I get on my phone and see all over Facebook people where talking bout Nate's performance. People where talking bout how in love they where with him and posting clips of him singing. "Looks like Nate has some fan girls." I say laughing. "Wait really?" Nate asks. "Yeah look." I say and pass him my phone. "Oh well that happen." He says handing my my phone. We get home and I walk up to my room and change. I am really tired, I lay on my bed and scroll threw Instagram. I finally have the old Nate back the one I care about not that jerk. I see one post from a girl and it's a picture of Nate, the caption says 'How can you not love him he is soo cute'. After that I go to bed with a new thought. Do I still have feelings for Nate.....


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