Chapter 18

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Loki made waste in the dining room. He knocked down the chairs, threw the fruits...anything that he could do to release his anger.

And that's when Thor walked in with Sif and the warrior three.

Thor lookes around at the mess. "What is this?" Sif wondered.

"This seems familiar," Fandral murmured. Loki didnt bother looking at them. He continued his work.

Thor went to Loki. "Brother, stop," Thor told. Loki ignored him. Thor finally grabbed him and made Loki face him

"Stop it," Thor demanded. Loki glared at him. "Or what? What else will be taken from me?" Loki said.

Thor looked into Loki's eyes.

"Zania-" Thor began.

Loki grabbed Thor's arm. "Don't. I don't want to hear it," Loki snapped.

"You need to stop this madness!" Thor told.

Loki jerked out of Thor's touch and walked away. Thor began to go after him, but Hogun put a hand on him. "Let him go. He will calm down," he said.

"The one thing he finally had. The one thing he needed the most. Gone," Thor sighed.

{2 Days Later}

Loki walked to a torch that stood inside the Weapons Fault.

He stared closely at it, watching the flames glow.

"Son," said a voice. Frigga walked in, looking at Loki.

Loki continued to stare blankly at the fire.

"I never knew how to love someone. Nor myself," Loki spoke softly, "Until she came along."

"I never knew how much she meant to you," she said.

Loki didnt answer. He turned around and looked at the ground where Zania fell onto, after they both shared their first kiss.

"I'm so sorry, Loki. There was nothing anyone could do," she said.

"I couldve stopped her," he said.

"She did it for her people," she spoke.

Loki looked at his mother.

"I know," he said.

Then the torches blew out. A guard came in and yelled, "My queen!"

Frigga and Loki looked at him, confused.

"What is it?" Frigga asked.

The guard couldn't speak. He looked shocked.

Then Loki's eyes went wide.

"She's alive," he whispered.

They all ran to the healing room.

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