This is going to be a very interesting day. All I think about was last night. I think went to far with it but I dont care I'll do anything in my power to get my man. I got up out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I stripped out of cholthes and jumped into the shower. I let the hot water hit my back as I thought about what had went down last night. If only Prince wasn't the room we could have done alot of things, ;).  I got out the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I got out the bathroom to find Prod shirtless. Is it just me or is Prod more sexier without a shirt on. Omg what am I saying I like Ray. I just dont think he likes me back. I went inside my suitcast to find something to wear to the mall. I chose to wear some blue sweat pants, a black wife beater, my blue nike hoddie , with my black jordans. After about ten minutes I went inside Prince and Ray's room to see if they were ready. After about five minutes we were in the bus driving to the mall.


 Princeton POV

We were on are way to the mall when I got a text from Ray that said: When we get to the mall lets ditch Roc and Prod I want to tell you something! ;). Prince: Ok what's it about? Ray: Just wait and see! :) I sat my phone down and glance at Ray who had a big grin across his face. I smiled back at him and continued to text him until we got there. After what seemed an hour we got to the mall. We all got out the bus and went inside the mall. Ray and I went on are own. We finally saw a bench so we could sit on. Ray began to speak...

Ray:So ever since that night when you made that announcement about being gay and you kissed me I finally have the couarge to tell you is that  I had this huge crush on you since I got into this group.

Prince: Wow I have this huge crush on you too

Ray:That's cool *blushing*

Prince:Umm Can I ask you something

Ray: Sure

Prince: Would you like to go on a date with me

Ray:I would love too *blushing hard*

Prince:Great *blushing*

Ray: We should head back


 Roc POV

When Prince and Ray left me and Prod I decided to follow them. I was behind them the whole time they didnt even notice me. I couldnt believe Prince just asked out Ray. That should be me doing that not him. They dont know what's coming for them yet! I went back to Prod before they left.

Prod: Where were you

Roc:Just walking

Prod:Umm i dont believe you tell me what you really did

Roc:Ok when Prince and Ray had left us I decided to follow them well Prince asked out Ray.


Roc:Yup and I'll do everything in my power to stop them

Prod:Why cant you leave them alone you see Ray dont like you

Roc:Umm say's the person moaning Princeton's name last night

Prod: I was moaning out loud

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