It Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White! (Fruits Basket Fanfiction)

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   BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Shut the f--- up!" I yell to my alarm clock. Yes. I spoke to an inanimate object. I banged my fist against it, until I heard a cracking noise. I opened my eyes and see my broken alarm clock. I'll get the duct tape later. I stretched. Well, today's the day I move in with my cousins, Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo. Yuki and I never really talked, Kyo and I are okay together, and Shigure is my best friend, though perverted. I grabbed my suit case.

   "Bye Momiji!!!"

   "BYE AKEMI!!!" He jumped up and hugged me. Even though we're both the same age, he still acts like a little kid.

   "Don't worry, I'll see you in high school tomorrow!" He smiled. One by one I said goodbye to everyone (excluding Akito), until I got to HIM. Hatsuharu. He was still a good 3 inches taller then me. He smiled down at me. I was surprised he wasnt Black Haru. When he first found out I was leaving, he destoryed the 8th grade chemistry lab. I smiled weakly, my heart sinking to my knees. He pressed my head against his chest. "I'll miss you!" I whispered.

   "I'll miss you, too." Then as he let go, he slipped a cell phone into my hand.

   "It has everyone's number's on it. Call whenever."

   I smiled. "Okay!" I hugged him again.

   "Akemi?" I heard Hatori say.

   "Are you ready to go?" I nod. We get into the car. As we drive away, I see Haru wave off into the distance.

   I turn on my MP3 player and played it where I left off. "But if you're thinkin' about my baby, it doesn't matter if you're black or white." Michael Jackson sang. How appropriate.

   "Akemi...." I heard Hatsuharu say. "Are you okay? You aren't looking too well."

   I turn and I see his gray eyes looking at me concerningly. I choke back tears. "Uhm, yeah.... I'm okay......."

   Haru walked over and sat on my bed. "No, you're not."

   I bit my lip so hard, it began bleeding a little. "Seriously, Haru." I say, "I'm okay." He put his arm around me, and lifted my chin so I was looking into his eyes.

   "Did Akito hurt you again?"

   I sighed, and relunctantly pulled back my long sleeve of my shirt to reveal a ton of bandages and bruises. "Yes. And that's not all of it."

   Haru suddenly looked angry and shot up. "I'm done! That bastard hurts us all, abuses us, because we don't listen to him. He's abusing his power. He's head of the family. Apparently, he can destroy our lives! He's gonna get it." Here comes black Haru...

   "Wait!!!!" I yell, grabbing his hand.

   He turned and looked at me, shocked. "Ake....." I grabbed him and hugged him.

   "Please don't. I dont want you to get hurt! Just please. Hatori took care of me. He said he's planning something so I won't get hurt."

   "Okay....", he said reluntantly.

"Akemi?" I heard Hatori's soft voice as I snapped out of my flashback.

   "What? Oh, sorry."

   "We're here." He said, gesturing to the small house. It felt welcoming. I looked at my watch. 9:30 AM. I yawned. I grabbed my suitcase and slowly opened the car door.

   As I softly closed it, I see Shigure run out of the house. "Akemiiiiii! You look....... You've....... Thing's have been good for you!!!" He said gesturing to my body. I looked down. OH THAT PERV!!!!

   I smacked his shoulder. "Thanks for checking out your cousin."

   He smiled. "Here, come in." I walk in. I see a girl with brown hair at the stove. I cocked my head. Do I know her??? I know I haven't seen her before. I cleared my throat. Kyo looked up.

   "Akemi!" He said, happy. He ran toward me.

   "No, Kyo!" The girl yelled, rushing in front of me, so he ran into her, causing him to transform.

   POOF! A cloud of orange smoke appeared, along with a cat. I shook my head. "I'm a member of the zodiac...." I say, quietly.

   She looked at me, then to Kyo in cat form. "Oh...." she said, realizing what she did.

   Kyo seemed to roll his eyes. "No, it's not your fault. Just, be more careful next time!"

   Suddenly, I heard soft footsteps come down the stairs. I see shiny silver hair, and I can tell who it is right away.

   "Yuki!" I say, happily, running over, hugging him. He's still half asleep.

   "Hi, Akemi....." He said, his sleepy voice echoing in my ear. He puts his arms around me then shuffles his way to a chair and sits. I looked around.

   POOF! Kyo turns back. Tohru makes a weird squeally noise and turns around, apologizing about 50,000 times. I just shrug, then look away. I'm pretty used to male and female nudity.

   "So, I'll just go unpack." I say, carrying my suitcase upstairs.

   "No,let me help you." Yuki's soft, now awake voice calls.

   "Unpack?" Kyo asks. "What?"

   I looked at him. "You mean, you don't know?" I ask.

   "Know what? What the hell are you all talking about?"

   I raised an eyebrow. "I'm moving in."

   Kyo jumped up. "Since when?"

   "Since now. Hatori said it was for the best, because Akito has been super violent lately."

   "Well jeez, don't bother tellin' me or nothin'."

   "Calm down! I'm sorry im too sucky to live with you!"

   "NO! That's not what I mean. I'm happy to have you here. But... Well... you know..... No one tells me anything!"

   "Calm down! It's no big deal. You won't even realize I'm here."

   "I will!" Shigure calls. "Then he mumbles something about "high school girls". Gotta love that perv!

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