25 reasons why I hate Bella Swan

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25 reasons why I hate Bella Swann (the sequel to 20 reasons why I hate Edward Cullen) ... by Cat-eyes again.

1. She is a brainless moron.

2. She is in love with Edward Cullen (see 20 reasons why I hate Edward Cullen)

3. Why the hell is Edward in love with her if she's so plain?

4. Why the hell is the whole world in love with her if she's so plain?

5. She jumps off a cliff and doesn't die - major bummer.

6. She lets her kid get with a guy eighteen year older than her when the child is only a week old or something (SPOILER) again with the bad Cullen parenting.

7. She is the worst thing that has ever happened to feminism. EVER.

8. She is a brainless moron.

9. No one sane wants to go out with her.

10. She calls her child Renessme (SPOILER) this is unforgivable.

11. She marries Edward Cullen ( SPOILER) why?

12. The world would be a better place if she hadn't been written in. Full stop.

13. People like to think they are her. WHY?

14. She is Stephenie Meyer. Have I mentioned I hate Stephenie Meyer?

15. She keeps getting into trouble, but still refuses to die. This is also unforgivable. Just cop it BITCH.

16. She supports the idea of pedophiles. WTF?

17. When she is dying, Edward saves her and she doesn't die. DAMN YOU EDWARD

18. Edward can't read her mind. This means she doesn't have brainwaves.

19. She wants to sparkle. Enough said.

20. She gets turned on by sparkling. Enough said.

21. All the sane people in twilight hate her, like I said. The SANE people.

22. Even her family dislike her. They don't care when she does stupid, life threatening stuff (but who does care when she does? I just want her to die.)

23. I can't stand looking at Kristin Stewart anymore. I wasn't exactly a huge fan before, but now I hate her.

24. Even if I did try and kill her, Edward would save her. GRRR I'M SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS.

25. She is Bella Swan. Enough said.

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