Chapter 9

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soooooooooooo sorry it took so long to update I'm SUPER sorry, even though I know a lot of people aren't reading this book anyway, for those who are, hope this is an okayish update, also sorry for any spelling probs :)


It was a drive-thru ice cream shoppe. Tony ordered his flavor in a waffle cone while Steve decided what he wanted. He skimmed the list of flavors about three times before deciding what to get, "I'll have strawberry in a dish, please." The lady nodded and asked how many scoops he wanted, "Two, please." The lady nodded once more and handed Tony his, walking back over to the cooler to make Steve's.

"How much is it?" Steve asked, reaching into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. Tony shook his head, looking at Steve while taking a lick of his ice cream, "No, I call paying for both of us. It was my idea in the first place."

Steve argued, "No, it's fine, I'll pay for mine."

Tony shook his head again and bit the edges of his cone, "Nope."

The lady came back with Steve's dish and leaned over, handing the dish to Tony who gave it to Steve. "Thank you." Steve smiled and took the spoon, taking a small chunk of ice cream from the dish and sliding it into his mouth. It was amazing ice cream. "How much was it?" Tony asked as he pulled out a ten dollar bill. The woman gave the price and it was just the right amount. He handed her the ten, "Keep the change." he smiled politely.

The woman smiled, "Thanks, have a good day boys." Tony started to drive away. "You too!" Steve replied as they started to leave the drive-thru. Tony drove over to the small parking lot near the shoppe and parked the car, allowing them both to eat before going back to school. They both sat in silence for a few awkward seconds eating their ice cream. "This is really good." Tony bit more of the cone and spoke while he munched on it. Steve nodded, "Yeah."

Steve thought about what he was doing. He was with the one person who he really wanted nothing to do with, parked at an ice cream shoppe. He didn't even know why he agreed to come with Tony. He should've said no but he didn't. He felt stupid, he literally was telling himself earlier how he wasn't going to involve himself with Tony at all. He was the one that got Steve drunk and thus led to him kissing Tony.


"About my party," Steve was about to start random conversation, but Tony cut him off. Though, Steve didn't mind, seeing that Tony actually had something to discuss while he was merely going to pull something random from his mind.

Steve watched him while holding his spoon, pausing to take a bite of his ice cream while waiting for Tony to finish his sentence. He was actually interested in what Tony had to say.

"I just wanna apologize. Face to face. I'll admit that me and Barnes did plan on getting you drunk with that whole pepper thing. We thought it would be fun, we weren't planning on... well, you know." Tony examined Steve's facial expressions to find any sign of forgiveness. He knew deep down Steve always disliked him. He knew that they would just shrug it off and not really care about it, but now after the party, he definitely knew that Steve wanted nothing to do with him- which is why it shocked him so much that Steve actually agreed to come with him today. He was sending him mixed messages. Steve had been ignoring him and would give him small glares in the hallway and now, now they were currently sitting in a parking lot together eating ice cream. The thing is, even though he was confused that Steve actually agreed to come, he was also grateful because he had been planning on finding a time when he could apologize to him. It all worked out.

Yet, Steve didn't know what to say. He didn't know if Tony was being serious or not. He thought about the apology, it seemed genuine, but he also didn't know if he should forgive him. Being blunt, Tony was a dick. He honestly was. He lied and he always got his way. And most of all, Tony wasn't one for giving sincere apologies... ever.

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