Chapter 1. VISION

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In the Ghost Kanan and Ezra were meditating when there was an explosion. Ezra was first to be awoken out of his meditation then Kanan, the two of them ran to the cockpit. When they got there Hera was giving orders to Zeb and Sabine. She told Kanan and Ezra to man the the nose gun and the phantom. When they both got to their stations they both started shooting at tie fighters. When all the tie fighters were destroyed Kanan and Ezra went to train again.
"Ezra we're going to be meditating and if we can learn about each other's past by doing it" when he said this Ezra looked up with fear. "Ezra what's wrong?" Kanan asked the now scared boy.
"I-I don't want you seeing my P-past" when he said Kanan shook his head at the boy.
"Why Ezra?" He said wanting to get more out of his Padawan.
"Because, Because I can't" Ezra said and his vision suddenly started to get blurry. "Kanan I don't feel so goo-" before he could finish the last sentence he collapsed into Kanan's arms.
When Ezra collapsed he started seeing vision of his old Master, his old Master on Lothal. Ezra saw his old master with a young girl with rope on her arms and him pulling her away. The vision then went to an abandoned building where he was left before when he was younger, he saw his old Master and Kanan, Kanan was fighting him he fighting for Ezra.
Ezra then woke up with a scream, Kanan who was next to him hugged him until he stopped shaking and screaming. Ezra felt embarrassed that Kanan had to hold him to calm down. Ezra told Kanan he just had nightmare about his past and he hugged him. "Kanan, thank you" he said then fell back to sleep.

Hey sorry it's really short not well.

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