Chapter 1

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Chapter one

My eyes darted between the two strange Elementals standing menacingly in front of us before landing back at Malum. “You’ll take us over my dead body!” I spat at Malum

His decayed mouth smiled. “That can be arranged”

I could feel the muscles in my arms and legs twitching from over exhaustion from Combat but the trembles coming from Cara were practically tangible in the air and I stepped slowly to the side to shield her even more. I wasn’t sure how long we stood staring at each other, surely it was only a few seconds but for those few seconds it felt like a Western standoff where it could mean the difference between life and death.

And I wasn’t planning on dying; neither would I allow Cara to die.

I felt the water molecules around me and willed myself to be able to move quickly enough. I breathed in slowly, and in a blink of an eye I sliced my hand across my body and formed a double headed scythe like I saw Derrek wielding not even an hour ago. The stiff ice snath of the scythe grew as I collected more and more molecules and at the same time both the blades curved outwards, the jagged edges glinting even in the dim lighting.

“After you” I whispered dangerously as I eyed Malum, while I positioned the scythe across my body, almost like a shield.

Malum’s blood red irises flicked over to the side and in the corner of my eye I saw the green tinged, mantis Elemental charge towards me. He raised both his curved, blade-like arms and was the first to strike down. I raised the scythe to block it. I hadn’t anticipated his strength and my knees buckled under the force but I gritted my teeth and pushed forward. I managed to glance at him and saw that his calloused eyes were indeed as blank as an apocalyptic zombie’s. They held no emotion, no sense that his actions belonged to him but was just an order being followed.

I twisted my arm and used his strength against him as he tipped to one side and the jagged edge of my scythe sliced across his cheek. He cried out, but it sounded too animalistic and I heard Cara shriek as she cowered back. He stumbled backwards, wiping the blood trickling down his chin before charging at me again. Now that I knew how strong he was, I lifted the snath up, ready to block another one of his downward swipes but the force of it broke the scythe in half.  Small pieces of ice shattered to the ground and I gasped as my weapon instantly became two. I was beginning to think I was too weak for this, I too tired... but I had to keep fighting. I was our only chance!

Malum’s low chuckle sounded from behind the mantis boy, “I expected a little more from you Valerie. This is quite disappointing”

My nostrils flared and I cried out as I charged forward, this time swinging my handheld scythes in each hand towards the mantis boy. He stepped back and swung his shoulders backward dodging my swings. It felt like he was toying with me, it felt like they all were! “Come on!” I screamed at him in frustration. What was his game?!

I ran forward and swung while he did nothing to fight back. He simply dodged my attacks and stepped back towards the mouth of the hallway. I didn’t realise what he was doing until I heard Cara’s shrill scream farther behind me. “Val! Val hel-!” Her screams were cut suddenly and the sound of a heavy thud caught my ears as I realised she fell to the ground.

On instinct I turned and saw the other boy standing next to her with the blank look on his face but had bright sparks of electricity shooting between his fingers and buzzing in the palm of hand. “Cara!” I screamed as the turmoil set in. It was all a trap! And I fell for it! They wanted to get Cara first! As I took in the image of Cara’s body slumped motionlessly on the hard ground, I felt a piercing pain slicing down the length of my back.

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