{ 11 }I Accidentally and Unintentionally Fell in Love .....With a Vampire 11

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while but to make up for it I made this chapter longer.

##### Sneak peek #####

I made her a werewolf because I didn't want it to be like twilight. I wanted the conflict to be with her. She's fighting with her nature against her love for Chris. I also wanted her parents to be overprotective. That way she is conflicted between her father and Chris. Later in the book her father is going to have a bigger role in the story. I didn't want the book to only be about her inner conflicts so I am going to add one tense fight near the end. Thanks for reading

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Ok now here's the beginning-


We ate lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant called "il mio posto italiano" and then we went to the video store to get a movie.

"Comedy, romance, or scary." Chris asked. "hhmmm... how about a comedy romance.... Like "monster-in-law" (you should check it out I lmao through the whole movie). Chris said "sounds perfect." We rented the movie then went to his bike.

I hated wearing a helmet. You can't breathe in them and they're heavy. The only down side to not wearing it is the bugs but if I stay behind Chris I should be ok.

He got on his bike first so I tried to be sneaky and not put my helmet on but he noticed when I laid my head on his back.

He sighed and got up, leaving me on the bike alone. He went back and grabbed my helmet. He came back over to me, looked me in the eyes pleadingly, and said. "Jade will you please where your helmet. I need you to be sa..." I interrupted him by saying "I know I'm safe with you and I also know you're a good driver, fast, very fast, very very fast, but good." He chuckled when I was mentioning his disregard for all street signs including stop signs, and red lights, and caution construction workers ahead signs, etc. You name it; it went right over his head.

Without moving he put the kickstand down on hid bike with his foot. Then leaned down, our lips were practically touching when he said "please, for me. if you do Ill give you something." I asked seductively. "o, and what would that be" I asked. He said "this" and then he was kissing me passionately but at the same time cravingly (yes it's a word) like he couldn't get enough. I also wanted more and I couldn't stop. He was like a drug, the more I had the more I wanted, the more potent he became.

He pulled away and handed me the helmet. I sighed but gave in and put it on. He straddled the bike and said "hold on tight and whatever you do don't let go." He took off and was doing a little over 80 mph. Then he popped a wheelie. I almost screamed but thankfully I kept it in. At first I was afraid but I knew Chris would never put me in danger so I closed my eyes. I was holding so tightly on to Chris that there wasn't an inch of me that wasn't touching him.

I heard him laugh. It sounded so light and happy. He seemed as if a great burden was lifted from his shoulders, like all he needed was to be with me and he would be happy. I also felt the same way, if I had him, no matter what, I could be happy.

I felt like I was flying, I felt free. But too soon it was over and we were back on the ground. It hurt my butt a little when we landed.

We traveled through the path in the woods to his house. It only took us about 10 min.

When we got to his house he put the movie in and we started watching. We were lying down on the couch. He was lying behind me and he had one arm wrapped around my waist, the other was in my hair.

We both laughed our @$$e$ off through the whole move. "Monster-In-Law" is about 2 ½ hours long so it was about 2 o'clock when it was done. I had about one hour before I had to go home.

Chris asked me "do you want to go somewhere tomorrow?" I said "I would love to. When and where?" He said "meet me at the lake and bring a bathing suit" (the lake they met when she was in her wolf form. In chapter 9) I smiled and said "that sounds like fun."

I looked at the clock and grunted then said "I need to go home in about an hour. I don't wanna go" he smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. Then he said "I don't want you to go either."

"So let's make the most of the time we have today." I put hands on both sides of his face and pulled him down to me. I kissed him longingly.

He picked me up and headed to his room, the whole time he never broke our kiss. He put me on the bed and hovered over me but he pulled him lips away to look in my eyes. He was straddling my waist and had one hand on my cheek and the other was on the same pillow my head was rested on.

He said "I love you." I said "I love you more." He said "o, no you don't. I love you more." then I said "prove it."

He grabbed my cheeks and started kissing me. I started opening the buttons of his shirt. When they were all open I took his shirt off. His hands were under my shirt, holding my hips. He started to pull my shirt up but I froze. I wasn't ready. I loved him with my whole heart but I wasn't ready. I was afraid and unsure of myself. He would know inexperienced I am. What would he think about me being a virgin? How painful would my first time be? I was panicking and Chris sensed that.

He pulled away and said "Jade are you ok." I couldn't look at him when I answered "ya, I'm sorry. I...I...it's j...j...just I...I...I." He said "ssshhhh" put his fingers over my mouth and said "It's ok, I understand. I'll wait forever for you." I said "it's not that I want to wait. I want you here, now. It's just I'm not.....I've never...I don't...I haven't...I." I was embarrassed and it seemed that the ability to form complete sentences was lost.

Chris kissed my forehead and said "I'm sorry I don't know much and am inexperienced but I'll try to not be a disappointment." What was he talking about? I quickly looked up at him and he looked sad, then I looked back down. I asked "hu, what are you talking about?" he said "I thought the reason you didn't want to was because I was a virgin and haven't had a girlfriend in over a few hundred years." I laughed so hard that I thought I was gonna cry. Chris looked at me like I was weird and asked "are you alright." By then I sobered up and said "it's me not you. I'm just afraid and not sure of myself. I'll probably do something stupid or embarrassing or idiotic." I still wasn't looking up at him when I whispered "I'm sorry" he held my chin and lifted my face up so I was looking at him. He was smiling and he leaned in. he kissed my lips so softly. He slightly parted them. He was kissing me as soft as if he were stroking a butterfly's wing, like my lips were made from porcelain and if he kissed me too hard I would break.

Too soon he pulled away and said "I will make our first time special. I promise you I will do this the right way. I'll wait. I could never hurt you. All I want is for you to be happy." I was about to kiss him when I saw what time it was. I yelled "cccrap!" Chris looked worried when said "what's wrong" I said "I was suppose to be home an hour and an hour ago" he said. "Don't worry ill drive you up until we get a block from your house. K." I shook my head yes and gave him a quick kiss then we left.

at her house

I walked in and my dad was on the couch looking mad. He also looked like he's been waiting for me. I mumbled "$h!t" under my breath, too low for dad to hear. He got up and came over to me he said "where have you been" I was a bad liar but I couldn't tell dad the truth so I said "I had too much to think about and I needed time out of my room. I'm sorry I was late coming home." He shook his head "ok" then told me "dinner's ready"

her dad's POV

She said "I had too much to think about and I needed time out of my room. I'm sorry I was late coming home." Dan (their neighbor) was right she was up to something. She was clearly lying to me now. She was a horrible liar. The question was what she was lying about. I didn't know but I intended on finding out.

While we were eating she asked "um, dad would it be ok if I hung out at my friends house tomorrow after school." "Which friend?" I asked and she said "ah...you don't know them but they're nice people. So can I please, PLEASE go?" I said "ok, just don't stay out late" It's funny who she wont tell me who she was going to see. I decided that this was my chance to see what was up with her.

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