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G haan so I'm your Author maha, and im here to introduce the characters of "Mere Humsafar" Look! That white mansion in front of you is maheen's house, Let's get inside.
Inside their is a big lawn and various kind of flowers are planted here, and on the left side their is a driveway and 4 cars and one motor bike is parked here,
So, y'all spot this giant brown gate? Let's get inside,so this is the lounge, and there is a big 40 inch LCD on the left wall and 3 sets of sofas are placed here!
And yeah that guy with blue eyes is Khalil, let's talk to him.
(Height : 6 feet
Eyes: blue
Complexion: Fair
Language: Pashto :D
Age: 21h)
"Khalil kese ho yara"
Maha said.
"Assalam Aliykum Maha! Salam Hi kar lya karo"
Khalil said while trying to embarass maha, readers controlled their chuckles and grinned.
"Oh sorry! Assalam Aliykum Khalil"
"Walaikum Salam, ye sab kon hain?"
Khalil said and pointed at the readers.
"Oh ye sab mere readers hain"
Readers say Hi to Khalil.
Readers said in unison.
Khalil said and grinned
Dear readera! Meet Khalil,he's the eldest son of Hanifa begum, Khalil's baba Jaan(Sher Khan) works in London , and he's taking care of "Shehryaar industries" branch in london. Khalil is studying Business Management In a famous university of Karachi...
Let's go so you see! This is the kitchen and Samney boht bara sa Dining table hai. Oho! What is this delicious smell? Let's get inside the kitchen to find out.
Ap log mere peeche ayen.
Okay so these two ladies in front of you are Mahrukh and Hanifa,
Mahrukh is maheen's mom and sheraz's wife... Maheen is her only daughter
While Hanifa is Sher Khan's spouse and she have 3 sons.
Khalil , Sahaar and Daniyal!
"Assalam Aliykum"
Maha said
Hanifa and Mahrukh smiled at her.
"Walaikum Asalam"
They said.
"Kya paka rahi hain Anti! Boht Mazy ki khushbu arahe hai"
MaHa said.
"Oh Bhoki larki! The last time you came, you ate two freaking bowls of Kheer"
Oh why didn't we saw daniyal maybe wo fridge ke undar ghussa huwa tha. Readers! This guy is Daniyal!
"Mere khany pe nazar mat lagao Daniyal "
Maha said and rolled her eyes.
"Oh hello! Bara hun tumsy bhai kaho"
Daniyal said and headed towards the refrigerator again;
(Height :5'6
Eyes:dark brown
Complexion: tanned
Language :Pashto
Quality: Pori duniya ka Sara khana kha sakte hain :p
Age: 18)
Kheer is cooking on the stove, so we should continue exploring the house, there are two guests room on this floor,
Let's walk upstairs.
Chalain upar, aram se girna nahi...
On this floor there are 4 rooms.
When I rotate the door knob it was locked from inside.
'knock knock'
'Kon hai'
It was Sahaar, it's sahaar's room
Sahaar opened the door.
"Oho Maha! Kese ho yaar, Cute lag rahi ho kafi"
Sahaar said and winked
"Thek hon tum kesy ho sehar"
Maha said while Callig him by a girl name,
And as she expected Sahaar was fuming.
Sahaar closed the door on maha's face.
Ary!!! Okay so this arrogant and flirty guy is Sahaar.
(Height : 5'9
Eyes : Deep brown
Quality :Flirt
Language: pashto
Age : 20)
So do you see this fairly designed girly room? It's Alizey's room but where is Alizey? Maybe she's showering??
"Hi Alizey!"
Maha said.
Alizey said and smiled. So readers! This is Alizey she can be a bit bitchy when she's provoke but other than that! She's a sweet heart ...
Okay so she's the daughter of Naseema and Behroz, & she's shehryaar's sister.
(Complexion : pale
Age : 19
Eyes : chocolate colored
Language: pashto
Height : pta nhi)
Let's walk forward, So this room with sea green painted walls and white luscious furniture belongs to Naseema and Behroz.
Come on in..
Naseema is a sweet teddy like women with her polite ways! And Behroz is still a dashing man in his late 50's although he looks younger because of his fit self..
They have two child's shehryaar and Alizey.
"Oh sorry uncle disturb karne ke lye"
Maha said.
"Beta! Koi kaam hai maha?"
Naseema asked maha.
"Ji Anti wo readers ko ap se milwane le kar aye thi"
Maha said
Anti smiled sweetly at he readers.
"Kesy ho bachon"
"Thek hain"
Readers said.
Readers! You met Mr and Mrs behroz .
Let's go forward.
The remain two rooms belong to Khalil and Daniyal.
Chalain next floor pe??
This entire floor belongs to phupo! And they have 5 rooms here 1 is a guest room and other 4 belongs to her and her sons! You must be wondering Who is phupo?
Palwasha(phupo) is the sister Of Behroz,Sheraz and Sher Khan.
Palwasha have 3 sons , Feroz,Shayan, Shahan! They are twins, they look alike other than one thing which is their eyes!
Shayan have deep blue eyes and Shahan have black eyes,
Her husband died in a plane crash when Shayan and Shahan was 4! Tab se woh apni bhaiyon ke saath Hi rehti hain!
Maha twisted the door knob! It's locked! Maybe she's sleeping??
Okay ! So these two rooms belong too Shayan and Shahan, they are not home at this time!
Shayan or shahan maheen se 1 saal bAry hn!
The 3 one belongs to Feroz! And he's abroad(turkey) to get higher studies..
Okay agy barhte hain...
So this is the last floor , and there are 4 rooms here!
The first one is Sheraz and Mahrukh's room!
The second one is Maheen's
The third one is Shehryaar's!
The fourth one is a spare room!
Sheraz uncle is in office!
Or sabse opar chat hai...maheen zyada tar chaat ya lawn main ji hotey H...
Chalain g intro hogaya ab neeche chaltey hain or Mahrukh Anti ki kheer khatey hain, kasam se mazay ki kheer bnate hain ;)
Okay, guys you'll must be wondering who is maha? Right? Maha is me:P I mean k main maha hun lol

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