He is so irritating

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"Jane! Jane!"Emma and Lily came running to me when I reached the restaurant. "What happened?"I asked tensed.
"Someone bought the restaurant and our new owner will be coming any minute!"Lily said tensed.
"What if he changes the staff? I don't want us to separate."Emma said with tears in her eyes.
"Emma, nothing like that is going to happen. Trust me we will work here or anywhere else but together." I said hugging her.
Lily hugged us both.

I was tensed too but I don't want to think anything negative. Everyone was here and they were all tensed.

Just then a guy in black suit came in. He was handsome with black hair and brown eyes, his face was handsome. He scanned the restaurant throughly and then cleared his throat and said,"Excuse me, I am John. I want all the staff to assemble here and stand in a line. Sir is going to be here in few minutes."

We all stood side by side in a line. John was at the door waiting for his boss. Emma and Lily were holding my hands on each side. I can sense how tensed they were. I was tensed too.

After around ten minutes a guy came in. He was wearing casual jeans and shirt. He looked at John then at us. I was shocked and my mouth fell open when I saw who he was. He can't be my new boss. I don't want him to be. He came towards us and stood infront of me a few feets away.

I sighed and gave him a angry look. He was looking at me and then he smiled and said,"Hello, everyone! I am Barry, new owner of this restaurant." He stretched the word owner looking at me and that made me even more angry.

I saw Emma and Lily looking at me. They squeezed my hand and I looked at both of them on my right and left giving them dry smile. Then I looked again at Barry with anger in my eyes.

He looked at everyone and then said,"I know you all must be tensed about your job but don't worry, all of you will be working here as you were till yesterday except one person." He said person looking at me.

I took a deep breath. "You!"he said looking at me and cocked his head to one side putting his hands casually in his jeans pockets. I sighed. Then he continued,"What's your name?"

He doesn't know my name! This is irritating! He is really trying to get on my nerves! I gave him an angry look.

Then, he said,"Oh yes, Jane. I remember now. Jane Maca..." He was going to say my last name when I interrupted him,"Yes, it's Jane!"

He smiled and continued,"I want you to be my personal cook and waitress." Stretching the word personal. "I can't! I don't know how to cook."I said glaring at him. "It's ok. There are chefs in this restaurant who can help you and teach you. But, I will eat the food, drink the coffee that you will make with your own two hands."he said and smiled. "But.."I tried to argue but he interrupted me,"All of you back to your work and Jane, I will be at my table. Make and bring a black coffee for me."

I stormed into the kitchen angrily. When I went inside everyone was staring at me. I tried to control my anger and went to make black coffee. All the chefs were trying to help me.

I made the black coffee and went out to give him. But, when I went out I saw him talking to Emma and Lily. When he saw me, Emma and Lily went to take orders of other customers. What was he talking to my friends?!

"What were you talking to my friends?"I asked him keeping the coffee on the table. He looked at me and said,"Nothing about that night. Now, you can go, I will call you if I need anything."

I glared at him and went away angrily. I tried to ask Emma and Lily but they didn't tell me anything and said that he was just telling them to help me in cooking if I need any help. I know they were lying.

After coming from restaurant I went to the bar and took my usual table. I gave my usual order. But, today I don't feel like drinking so I thought I will cancel my order and go home. So I was searching for the waiter when I saw him coming from the corner table where I saw Barry looking at his phone.

He was about to look in my direction when I looked in my front. I saw him go out of the bar to talk in his phone. I called the waiter.

"Who is he?"I asked him. He looked at me surprised and said,"You don't know him? Isn't he your friend or boyfriend?"
"My friend? My boyfriend?!"I asked surprised.
"He is the one who changes your order from most alcoholic to least one. On the first day I thought you don't know him so, I didn't change your order but when you passed out, he came to you and you recognised him. He was the one who took you home. That's when I realised that you know him and so I changed your order to least alcoholic one the next time. And he is also the new owner of this bar. He bought this bar yesterday."the waiter told me.

I was shocked and I told him to go away.

So, he changed my order, that's why I drank only one fourth bottle the first day but three fourth on the next. He was the one who took me home, but how did he know where I live? And the doors were locked from inside in the morning. How can this happen? Also, he bought the bar where I started drinking and the restaurant where I work. Why? Why is he doing this? What does he want? Today he has some answers to give!

I looked in his direction.

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