Chapter 2

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Logan's P.O.V

I looked down at my sleeping beauty curled upto my chest, fast asleep. My eyes softened for her and I carefuly lifted her up bridal style and slowly carried her up the winding stairs to my room. I creaked open the door and gently placed her under the covers.

I gazed at her lovingly for a moment before kissing her forehead lightly. "Goodnight Liz." I whispered, turning the light off and closing the door quietly behind me.

I sighed and made my way back down to the kitchen. Me, Liz, Ty and Ivie were watching a movie and half way through Liz fell asleep. I sat down on a stool, opposite the two love birds.

"So, how did you and Liz meet?" Ivie asked, yawning. I grimaced. "She was trying to commit suicide." I replied through gritted teeth. They both gasped. "Have you asked why?"

I shook my head. "No." Tyler looked me in the eyes while he spoke. "Dude, you need to find out why she did it so you can stop what's hurting her." I opened my mouth to speak but Ty cut me off again.

"So she doesn't try to do it again." My eyes widened and my breathing hitched. No, she wont try to kill herself again... Will she?

"Yeah, I agree with Ty..." Ivie dragged out the last word, half asleep. Ty chuckled and picked her up.

"C'mon love, I'll take you to bed." He stopped and gave me a look that said, "I'm serious, talk to her" and I nodded.

He walked up the stairs and I got up and started to walk to my office. I sat down at my desk as my phone rang. I sighed and picked up. "Hello?" I asked, tired.

"Son!" My mum yelled through the line.

"Hello mum." I replied, resting my head in my hands. "Why did you not tell me you had a mate?!" She screamed.

"Because I didn't have enough time?" I said but it came out more as a question. "You had one and a half days to tell me!"

I paused and frowned. "Woah woah woah, hold on. How do you know I've found my mate?" I questioned.

"Tyler told me." I sighed. "Of course he did." Mum started to ramble on about something or another and I put the phone to my shoulder, blocking her voice out for a moment.

I enjoyed the few minuets of silence until I heard a beeping noise. I looked at my phone to see she just hung up on me. My mum, hung up on me. Uh-oh.

I put my phone down and stood up, walking to my bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and climbed in next to my gorgeous mate Liz. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her to my chest. She stirred for a moment and I froze, not wanting to wake her up. She smiled and mumbled something, falling back asleep, burring her head in the crook of my neck.

Tingles shot through my body and I nuzzled my face in her hair and took in her amazing scent. I closed my eyes and slipped into a dream-less sleep.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I giggled at Ivie's attempt to flip pancaked.. Tyler stood behind her and held onto her hands, helping her. Ivie blushed crimson red and Ty chuckled.

They are so cute.

I pratically leaped out of my skin when a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist, sending shots if electricity through my spine. "Guess who?" Logan asked in his husky voice.

I grinned. "Josh Hutcherson?!" I yelled with fake excitement. I heard him growl. "No, guess again sweetheart."

My eyes lit up. "No way! My favourite men in the world!" I paused. "HARRY STYLES? NIALL? LIAM? ZAYN?!" I yelled and I felt his chest vibrate with a low growl. "One more guess."

I gasped loudly. "I know... LOUIS TOMLINSON! I LOVE YOU LOUIS!" I screamed, pretending to fangirl.

Logan spun me around and put his forehead to mine. "Your favourite men in the world?" His eyes darkened but you could sence the playfulness in his voice.

I smirked. "Yeah, kinda disapointed Louis isn't a werewolf, we could be the 'it' couple." I stated, sighing dreamily.

Logan frowned. "Louis?" He asked and I took my phone from my pocket. I looked through my pictures until I found one of me and Louis at a meet and greet session my only friend I ever had bought me. Avery sadly moved away last year and I haven't heard from her since.

Louis casually had his arm slung over mine and Avery's shoulder, making stupid faces at the camera. The other boys made stupid faces aswell while me and Ave just laughed.

( A/N- This is NOT a One Direction story! Sorry! :D )

"Omg you met them?!" Ivie screamed, grabbing my phone from me. "Yeah last year! Meet and greet!" I grinned at her and she grinned back.

"Omg you are so lucky! Is Zayn really as fit in real life?" Ivie asked, on the urge of fangirling.

"Totally." I smirked at Logan. Before I could blink, I was pinned up again the wall by him and he pressed his lips to mine. I kissed back then he pulled away.

"Excuse me guys, I think my mate needs to learn who's the fittest man here." He hoisted me up over his shoulder and Ty nodded, smirking.

I pounded on Logan's back. "Ivie! Help me!" I shouted. I heard a squeal and then turned my head to see Ty doing the same as Logan did to me to Ivie.

Logan ran up the stairs and I screamed when he dropped me on his bed. "Who's the fittest guy in the world?" He asked, his face inching slowly towards mine. My breathing hitched. "Um, uh," I smirked. "Louis."

I shouldn't have said that.

His hands found my sides and he started to tickle me. I screamed and laughed my head off.


"Who's the fittest?!" He yelled after me as I ran down the stairs. "Not yo-" I tripped over the last two steps and landed on my back.

I groaned as my ribs throbbed. "Oh my god Liz are you okay? Please speak to me, I'm so sorry." Logan asked frantically, cradling me in his arms. I groaned again and gave him a weak thumbs up before everything turned black.

In a flash, I was in the living room with the pack doctor smiling sadly at me. "Hello dear, you were out for a few days."

My eyes widened. "What?!" I spluttered. "Days?!" She opened her mouth to speak when a loud yelling inturrupted her and the door flung open, revealing Logan.

He saw me and his eyes filled with relief. He rushed over to me and held me in his arms, holding me close to him as he placed gentle kisses all over my face, making me giggle lightly. "Oh god I'm so sorry, I never thought you hit your head so hard..." He trailed off, cupping my face making me look him in the eyes. I smiled slightly. "It's okay."

He shook his head. "No it's not, you were unconsious for days Liz!" He exclaimed, a look of pain in his face. I rested my hand on his chest. "I'm not anymore, just don't worry."

The pack doctor inturrupted us by clearing her throat. "You have a bruised rib so take care." She stated before walking off without another word.

"Liz, can I ask you a question?" Logan asked hesitantly. I nodded and turned to face him. "Sure." I smile at him.

He turned so his whole body was facing me and scratched the back of his neck. "Umm, why were you trying to commit suicide?"

My breathing stopped for a moment tears welled up in my eyes. I got up and raced to the bedroom, slamming the door and locking it just before Logan got to me.

I crumbled to the floor and sobbed my heart out.


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