JINHWAN✖My Cold tutor

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Note: Thank you silent readers for reading my imagine. I appreciate it a lot ikonics T_T More imagines to come. Fighting!



"Ms ______, I'm sorry to tell you but you failed the biology test." Sir Rutherford explained. He asked me about things and I'm just nodding at him. I find biology hard.

"Sorry sir but it's really hard for me to memorize some definitions and parts of biology. Can I re-take the test? Please sir Rutherford?" I intertwined my fingers saying please.

"Okay. I'll give you a chance to re-take the test about another topic." I raised my knuckled up screaming hooray.

"But... You will take it next week with the help of Jinhwan." My eyes met in confusion.

"Yes, Jinhwan. He's the top one in this biology class right? For sure he can help you and improve you a lot. Kim Jinhwan!" Sir Rutherford called him as he was about to step outside the room door.

"Yes?" He answered. I just looked at my feet, waiting for them to finish. To be honest, Jinhwan and I never talked to each other since the first day. He's a little too snobby when it comes to girls. I just heard it from his close friend.

"Can you tutor Ms ______ for a week about another topic? Cause she failed on the test we took yesterday. Don't worry, I'll give you a credit." Jinhwan slid his eyes on me. I glanced away. Awkward...

"Okay. Shall we start today?" I looked at him again. I thought he'll reject Sir Rutherford's request to him. But my mind is still fucked up. I never saw him smiling too. He looks so strict and moody. Wait, why do I even care? Lol.

"Yes if it's okay. I'll leave you too right now. Thanks Jinhwan. ______, listen to him carefully." Sir patted our shoulder then left. I looked at sir as he went out the door. Now me and Jinhwan are left inside the room. I can sense some awkward air.

"Let's go to the library." He said, without leaving an expression.

"O-Okay." He didn't let me finish. He quickly grabbed his books and went outside. He' rude too. Aish.

I followed him going to the library. It was just five rooms away from ours.

I pushed the glass doors, still following Jinhwan. He sat on a place where there are no students reciding. I sat across him and pulled out my biology books.

"Thank you for lending your time with me. I know I'm a bother to you." I started breaking the silence.

"Don't mention it. Shall we start?" He said, without looking at me.

"Yeah." I have no words left to say. Why is he so cold? Aish.

We took an hour reviewing about chromosones and stuffs like that. I asked questions and he answers it clearly. He might be a good teacher someday.

"Read Chapter eight okay? We'll resume tomorrow." He packed his books and tossed it inside his bag. I did the same thing too.

"Okay. Uhm, thanks again. I learned a lot. I feel smart already." I chuckled. Hoping that he'll throw me a smile or what. He just looked at me with his cold eyes.

"Good. See you tomorrow." I stood up as he walked away.

"He's a cute guy indeed. But he will look more handsome if he'll always smile." I sighed and swung my bag on my shoulder.

As I turned around, I saw Jinhwan looking at me.

"I-I thought you already l-left?" I stuttered. Oh man. Did he heard everything I said a while ago?

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